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Minimalist living- house walk through in progress on my minimalist journey (long way to go!)

Take a tour through a minimalists home! My apartment is just short of 1,000 square feet and I try and keep only what I love. Take a look at what is in my home and perhaps learn a few tips along the way!

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  1. I think another major factor in minimalism is realizing you don’t need to hold onto physical objects in order to cherish the memories that are associated with them.

  2. I like that arm chair, and Ijust threw out my bookshelf
    …I think I will get that back

  3. I love your apartment and your Disney things , I’m struggling with decluttering, I will never be a minimalist with a certain number of things but can be a person that surrounds herself with things that spark joy . Thank you for your video it made me feel I am not alone , on my journey .

  4. So happy to see someone who loves what they have.

  5. i think you should have emptied the ash tray first, it's weird that you showed it.

  6. I don't think people realize that the apartment is shared by two people. lol.

  7. I love that your history and style still come through clearly. I love a minimalism that is colorful and personal, and includes well loved items. To me, minimalism is about intentional living – not keeping things that you don't need or want – not about having a sterile environment. Great books on those bookcases, too. 🙂

  8. Stickman Domination

    I think that minimalism can mean a lot of things. You can have many things and still be a minimalist. But this really isn't minimalism. It looks nice though.

  9. I hope to have a minimalist house like you. I've got SO much stuff everywhere, can't believe how clutter free and minimalist your house is.

  10. One thing for your bedroom, when you pick out some canopy drapes you could paint you table and bookshelves a matching color to bring the room together and update the furniture itself. Love your chair in the living room and the mirror too. Lots of comments saying this isn't minimalist but minimalism to me is emptying out your space of things you don't enjoy, also, I don't think people have seen just how extreme consumerism in America can be. Most people have closets and entire rooms filled with things they store away and don't have a place. At least your items have a place and aren't stored in boxes. Anyway, I am starting to get rid of all my things. I want to be a minimalist but I am not willing to get rid of my books and art to achieve a look, I am getting rid of things that cause me stress and what causes me stress is all the crap I stash here and there. Some people think stashing crap away where you can't see it is minimalist, but I think minimalism is more of not having anything to stash. Kind of got offended at the comments. I am with you, minimalism to me is more about enjoying what you have and you can't enjoy it if it is stuffed in a closet some where.

  11. Yeah…for me, personally, that's too much visual clutter. But, then, my version of clean is more like washitsu. Floor living is what I like.

  12. seems more like a video of "look what I have" not minimalist at all

  13. The minimalist police down-voting and posting back-handed comments should have several seats. The essence of minimalism should not be to breed self-righteousness and get into a competition as to who has the least amount of stuff or the most emptied out looking rooms. That kind of manic competition is just as bad as overconsumption and materialism.

    Every minimalist is different. I think her home is beautiful, fun, and neat!

  14. you know you can wash dishes by hand right?

  15. I live in a tent and keep my clothes in my car.  You have a lot of things in comparison.

  16. clutter

  17. Lovely. Not minimalist at all

  18. very nice

  19. YOU HAVE THE BEST STUFF. Minimalist or not I absolutely love your taste.

  20. Hey new subby here I'm just getting into minimalism and I love your view on it. I do have an idea for you. For the wires on you bathroom counter you could get one of those fake books drill some holes in it and contain most of the wires inside. There are diys available to make your own fake book if you don't want to spend the money on one.

  21. I had less stuff than that before I decluttered lol

  22. I absolutely love your style and apartment! <3

  23. This home looks more like a European home than American or Canadian, that is not full to capacity with stuff. Although certainly not minimalist in the European tradition, compared with the vast majority of American homes you have done well getting rid of a lot of excess stuff. I certainly do not consider myself minimalist in any way but I have a similar amount of stuff and everything I have is organised and clean, which is how I like to live. Organisation and keeping one's home clean brings much peace, so for those who can not face minimalism if you organise and keep your home very clean you feel feel a similar sense of calm in your home to minimalists x

  24. I love this video much! I'm starting my minimalist journey and I feel reassured you can be minimalist and have stuff too!

  25. lol, just because you are a minimalist doesn't mean you can't have more than one tiny plant outside of the house. lololol

  26. I love your perspective of minimalism 🙂 Your house is so homey!

  27. not sure the decluttering is helping everything is so ugly

  28. You could zip tie the chords in the bathroom it may look better. You could even use a metal tie you find around bread.

  29. I love your bed supports. Great idea!
    I love hearing all of your birds outside. They were really singing while you were doing this video.

  30. Thank you for sharing this video! I recently did a tour my own minimalist flat on my channel and this was once of the videos I had in mind when I was making it. I would love if you checked it out!

  31. I am so happy to see a minimalism house that's not monochrome! I'm not a black and white kind of gal. so gald to see that it can be done with colours and tapestry.

  32. Very organized and cute. Not really minimalist. There is so much stuff.

  33. too much stuff

  34. If you have a house than you are no minimalist.

  35. Walk-throughs are not good for your security. This is a robbery going somewhere to happen. Never do this, ladies! Not to mention that this in no way shows how the process of minimizing is accomplished. Just a couple of thoughts. But your home is very clean! You have done a beautiful job on that!

  36. I wouldn't consider you a minimalist. Way too much stuff

  37. definitely agree this house is clean, simple and free. very nice. seems a long way from minimalistic though? book cases made me smile. we r Buddhist and if we don't actually USE something in 6 months… it is donated. when a book is read… it is given away. this actually clears the clutter in my head as much as clutter in the house:)

  38. your cats are so cute,especially the one pawing at the window.the gray and wihite one blend3d 7nto thr coger on yout bed.i am just stsrting on my mininalist journey.i have so much st6ff,I cant stand it anymore. I feel like I am sufficating and I cant find anything,I want to snap my fingers and make everything fall into place.its overwhelming hoe much I have accumulated in the eight3en yeare in this place.i had no furniture,I have twice as many books.the kitchen is needing a renivation.th3 gedroom has too much clutter,I have beem living in this room forsix months.7 need to rip everything out of the room and the closet needs to be purged.only keep what I love wnd do wear.im a renter and cant do much changes.i think once I take care of this room I will feel better. had a stroke es4lierbthis year and it is hard moving things around.takes me forever to do things.like move furniture around and to organize things,fold and put clothes away.i have been sending laundry out,but its expensive.the washer ie behind my house and up sta7rs I cannotvgo up and down safely.i hand wash but cannot do everything.sobpart of jy r8om has four large full la6ndry bags.to be sent out this week. anyways thank you for giving me ideas to minimizing m6y things.your cats are cute,I have a cat named mochi,and 6es she looks like the one in the disney movie big hero 6.but smaller.

  39. Not a minimalist…but very well organized…my opinion 🙂

  40. I love your living space and love all the personal touches you've made. Growing up, I always lived in beautiful homes that were perfect…..perfectly boring and didn't tell you anything about the people who lived there. I feel I know a little about you, at least the books and art you like, and that's a good thing.

  41. I agree with your take on minimalism.  Nice video!

  42. I'm with you on the cat bowls.
    Yours are absolutely gorgeous!

  43. I love your videos! I am keeping objects that make me happy and getting rid of objects that I don't use and have no purpose. Thanks for the help

  44. Thank you for making this video! I enjoyed the tour and found it inspirational. You also have a very pleasant voice. 🙂

  45. Looks more like an interior decorating video than a minimalist how-to.

  46. Why do you talk as if you're mocking your own excitement?