People are constantly asking me how I keep my house so clean, specifically my kitchen. I think everyone would admit that their kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms in their homes, which means it probably gets dirty the most often. Keeping my kitchen free of clutter not only helps me keep my kitchen on a daily basis but it also helps free up my mental clutter! Come join me to see how I organize and keep my kitchen clean!

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Thanks for stopping by my channel! I’m here to share some of the things that I enjoy most in life- Fitness, food, nutrition, beauty, motherhood and cleaning/organization all while trying to have a little bit of fun in the process! 
Not only am I a wife and mother to a two-year-old, but I strive to maintain a simple life in everything that I do. My two-year-old daughter keeps me pretty busy so I try to be as efficient as possible all while trying to maintain my sanity and enjoy life! 

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  1. hi mam u r kitchen room size plz tell me

  2. What methods do you use for getting rid of things?

  3. Liliana Martinez

    Jamie I totally understand not wanting anything on the counters lol.. I got a knife wood block that fits in a small drawer at Walmart for $10 I love it. Love your videos. I am a new follower. I relate to you because I am also a young working mom. I felt like getting ideas from the YouTube moms that stay at home sometimes was unrealistic for me. 💖

  4. It's easy to have things look clean and such when you have lots of cupboards. Just saying.

  5. We are moving into a bigger home in a month or so. It’s hard with my kids, but This is my chance to create a clutter free home. I would love to minimize my kitchen like this. As a 38yr old mother of 4 and wife I’m still learning a lot and I love it! Im excited to start this new chapter in our lives!

  6. I have the Crazy Cat Lady mug also!

  7. Have u been a minimalist or just started ? & LoL, I hv the Mr Coffee Hot Chocolate makes too. I don’t use much but I LOVE it. I could make different but I really do love it & it’s Something that does make me happy.

  8. I love it so neat I love open space

  9. Loved this video. Thanks for sharing. Your kitchen is very put together and clean 😀👍

  10. Your an inspiration! I'll be working on decluttering my kitchen this weekend, your lazy Susan gave me the idea of putting my pots and pans there 😁

  11. I seen on your corner cabinet with the lazy Susan that it was scratching the cabinet beside it. I noticed mine starting to do that and I put a felt pad over the screw. The ones that you use for furniture legs.

  12. You actually have a lot for a minimal kitchen. You have a ton of cabinet space, love it! My kitchen has 12 feet ceilings and hardly no cabinets so weird. Thank you for sharing 🙋🏻

  13. Sherry here….Your kitchen is gorgeous. I can't imagine having drawers that wide! Love your channels.

  14. Loove how clean and clutter free everything looks. You inspire me to DONATE!! Do you have a video with your cleaning schedules and routines? I looked but I don’t find something specifically talking about what to do each day of the week. You are so genuine. I want to have my house as clean as yours 💖

  15. You have a beautiful kitchen!

  16. I love the colorful flower arrangement on the island!

  17. Karissa Teixeira

    LOVE the more clear counter top look! i did this a few months ago & hubby is STILL adjusting 😂

  18. Very nice! I need to declutter my kitchen again. My container cabinet is what I have the most trouble with. All those little containers and lids seem to multiply and spread out. I hate to get rid of them though, because I'm always giving my kids leftovers to take home and don't want to give them my glass containers.

  19. I love your kitchen layout! My kitchen is so small–I can stand at my sink & take two steps left to the stove & two steps to the right is the fridge! I have no dishwasher & that's ok because I really only cook once a day & it takes me less than 15 minutes to clean my kitchen including washing dishes.

  20. very nice. I just completed and uploaded a kitchen remodel video. Yours about organization and keeping it clean goes well with it.

  21. Jamie you have child?? Where you find inspiration to doing this videos? how to find my motivation to clean my house?? Kiss 💋 from Greece 🇬🇷!!