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Minimalist House Design with Woodern Accent and Panoramic Ocean View

This Minimalist house is known as Casa Real del Mar. It was built by Gracias Studio. San Diego-based architectural firm Gracias Studio has designed the Casa Real del Mar House.

Completed in 2008, this contemporary home is located in Tijuana, the largest city on the Baja California Peninsula, Mexico.

“Casa Real del Mar is located within a seaside development with residences, a small hotel and its private golf course in Tijuana, BC, Mexico. The site’s triangular shape was not the only challenge, since it was also formed by a great steep, compelling to take important structural and design choices, resulting in three floors, the first two levels being made of concrete and acting as retaining wall, where a music studio was designed for the household man, a musician and record producer.

Having a unique view towards the Pacific Ocean, Casa Real del Mar was planned with forward-looking constraints from buildings around the property, for example, the concrete wall that divides the space between the main entrance-living room area and the garage space, standing-in as a view blocker. The main entrance embraces a water-still mirror, accompanied by a small landscape area on the deck made of wood, which goes all the way through the house into the backyard.

Following the development construction and design restrictions, the third level, where the bedrooms are found, is built with concrete block covered with a white smooth texture to blend in color with the rest of the residences located in the estate, but still being distinctive in its form and material usage, with its roof serving as an outdoor deck with full ocean view.”


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