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  1. So tidy & peaceful…😍

  2. Hi random question but do you mind giving me the size of your living/kitchen area please ? Estimated dimensions
    Thank you ! Beautiful home !

  3. You could probably put the microwave inside an empty cabinet. You could put a plugin inside the cabinet for it

  4. lilyrosedaisy2003

    You have a nice home. How many square feet is it?

  5. Very very well done! I also live in a small home and I got allot of great ideas from your video.👍🌸

  6. I feel you about the microwave, that's why I don't even own one. Under mounted microwaves are so hard to clean too, so I just dont care for a microwave at all. Love your place by the way. Minimalism , is the way to go. Less stuff, less clutter therefore less stress!

  7. This channel stole your video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nu-faGcG-E

  8. Counseling Counts

    You have such a lovely and calming home.

  9. Minimalist?!?
    I definitely didn't get the memo.

  10. Love it! Your home is lovely, simple and clean. The best thing is that it feels stress-free.

  11. You have a lovely home. I hope to pare down my home as well to achieve a calming vibe.

  12. eibeelee gets fit

    i love your house! especially your bathroom (mine has no windows 🙁 ) im trying to declutter now but i have ppl working against me….

  13. I would call this uncluttered but not minimalistic sorry. It looks amazing though and you've done a great job!

  14. Fab:) thank u for sharing

  15. sujanith tottempudi

    this isn't minimalism, I suppose, you have everything any house has…

  16. You don't TVs?

  17. I love all things minimal. I love a clear countertop in both the kitchen and the bathroom. It's hard work keeping it that way tho with 3 kids and a hubby… Lol. Great job.

  18. I love it! Your home is beautiful and inspiring. I hope you'll do another where we can see your closets

  19. Did you ever do the video of your kitchen like you mentioned in this video? I couldn't find it on your channel but would love to see it. Thanks!

  20. How big is your family Sharayah? Do you think your house is too big?

  21. was I the only one surprised by the baby laying there?

  22. You sound just like Pam from The Office!!!

  23. Such a nice home, tidy but not sterile looking. We are renting furnished accommodation, so a lot of the clutter is part of whatever passes for " the inventory", so I stored some of those thing in the attic.

  24. Such a nice home, tidy but not sterile looking. We are renting furnished accommodation, so a lot of the clutter is part of whatever passes for " the inventory", so I stored some of those thing in the attic.

  25. Beautiful….I have a long way to go. Thanks for the inspiration.

  26. I really liked the tour, but was frustrated that I couldn't see things properly because of how you were holding the camera:-(

  27. so I love this house and I think you did a great job. but looking at it it gives me a little of anxiety because there isn't so much stuff. does anyone else get this? even in my house, I almost prefer when my house is a mess and I have to organize than when it's organized. I get lost. tell me I'm not the only one

  28. love this – lots of ikea.  I wish I had taken to this lifestyle at your age – I figured it out much later – and less, less, less is so much better.  Lowers my stress, less to dust, and my house is still really pretty – it's calm and I do use a bit more art – but am finding even that to be sort of stressful now as my tastes have changed and the colors I loved in my art at 30 are now very different at 50…and I don't want to spend money to change it all….so will do a few changes and leave a lot of it down – I find less on the walls to be very zen….maybe this will change – and then I can put it back up.  some is expensive, so I'm not going to sell it this time – just put it under bed (which I don't usually do) or in a closet…I've sold so much crap in garage sales and donated so much crap over the years – I am really proud of you for figuring this out YOUNG!!!! Good for you!

  29. your home looks so much like Jon and Kate Gosselin's home!!!

  30. Beautiful home

  31. What's minimalist???!

  32. Perhaps you can add plants into your space. My apartment is mostly empty too. Empty but not plain. Im looking for more inspirations here on YT

  33. Jean-Gilbert Muget

    You have lot of useless item, this is very beautiful house but not minimalist.

  34. Allison Krause | Love Our Life

    What color paint in powder room?

  35. Beautiful home. I wish I could convince my husband to live like this. Your home is the perfect size.

  36. Your home feels so airy and is beautiful hun. Love your counter tops too…Wanting to change mine and paint my cabinets white…Are they granite?

  37. I am sick of watching wannabe minimalist videos! A real minimalist does not have a lot of stuff like this. A real minimalist is frugal, cheap and they don't have houses!

  38. Just the right amount of "stuff" and it all looks great…. a beautiful and clean home.

  39. Giovanni Salinas

    U have do many pillows lol simplify?