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Minimalist Home Decor Haul

Small home decor haul + I show you how I organize my beauty corner & bathroom! For all items mentioned in this video, visit My Parsel: http://goo.gl/W2i6VK
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  1. Bentokai Power Booklet

    great video! love your minimalist lifestyle. love the style. http://bentokai.com/blog/

  2. Where is your bed from? I've been looking for a simple bed frame!

  3. Wait wait. I'm new to your channel. Are you seriously in Phoenix Arizona?!😁😁 I'm in flagstaff. Not many of us up here but it's a nice place to live

  4. is that bed frame "WORKOUT" safe? sturdy?

  5. The maybelline lip color palette is great! Very lightweight and you get nine beautiful colors w great pigmentation

  6. Cassandra Peters

    I have a similar throw I love it… so many compliments

  7. I like Ur lip color n nails!

  8. Hayy love!! 😍😍😘😘🌻🌻 wanted to know if you have a house/apt tour on your channel or will you be creating one in the future?i love the decor!! I just moved into my first apartment and I am seeking inspiration Lolz idk what to dooo 😩😩😢😍😘

  9. You are so gorgeous it takes my breath away!! Thank you for inspiring me and my family to purge the stuff that's been weighing us down!

  10. You're beautiful!

  11. Where u get the shelf

  12. love it! subscribed.

  13. I'd love to see a full apartment your if you haven't done one already 😀

  14. Lifetimeofmiracles

    I really like your makeup corner, its so cute! Thanks for sharing

  15. omgee that bed is EVERYTHING. Please share where to get it

  16. where is that bed frame from?

  17. a nice fluffy rug would look so good in your bedroom

  18. Nice stuff but you should clean/wash them before using…

  19. Your room looks like it smells like the sent…. Fresh linen!!!! I love that smell!!!!!

  20. Kohl's has really luxurious looking Faux fur throws in different types of furs By Jennifer Lopez. They are under 50 dollars but on sale they are about 25.

  21. What facial exfoliator do you use? I like the look of that cute pink one in your bathroom.

  22. can i ask where you got your bed frame from? I've been looking for something super sleek and simple just like that! Thanks in advance <3

  23. I totally love you and your channel had to sub..your spirit energy seems so calming 😍😍😍😊😊😊❤❤❤

  24. Stormie Weather

    Where is your air freshener? When guests do the number 2 in your bathroom, they will also want to freshen the air afterward. 🙂


    I love the look of the floating shelf and nightstand. Yasss for the ghost chair! France & Son have some cute options.<3

  26. Where is your dream catcher from above bed… Is that what that is right?

  27. Ugh I just love my fellow black women. You are so beautiful…we are so beautiful! 💜

  28. Great haul! I'm loving that Birds of Paradise plant. Can you do a plant video? On how to take care plants and on your collection? 🙂

  29. I love watching home décor hauls especially since I'm going to completely redo my bedroom. I really enjoyed this. 🙂

  30. Love the faux fur throw for your bed. the lighting in the bathroom was perfect.

  31. LovinBeingNatural

    I totally get the toilet tissue's designated spot; I like to do the same thing! Also, I love your on-camera energy.

  32. Where did you get your bed from?

  33. Love throw blanket and love going to the rack on camelback and bell one to i sometimes like going to last chance for the cute shoes but haven't been to the rack in awhile have to go

  34. hey can I get a shout out I only have 13 subscribers and it's not growing please help thanks

  35. Makeup by Jasmine Airdelle

    I LOVEE everything! xo

  36. The Art of Becoming with Lauren

    You inspire me so much Ambrosia, keep it up! I'm working to make my blog profitable, you have given me so much encouragement.

  37. Hey Brosia, u may have answered this already, but where is your name plate necklace from? I like the style of it

  38. Looks good i love those acrylic trays from the container store. They make organizing so fun!

  39. Is that a floating shelf you have as a night stand?

  40. Sincerely Kimme

    Love the throw. It looks great on the bed.

  41. Danielle Pinnock

    You're always smiling on the inside, but you're especially smiling from the inside in this video! I love that energy :)) Thanks for the makeup corner idea, that's genius.

  42. PrincessLexiseLicious

    Great haul!

  43. You have given me ideas. Loved this video

  44. HiMyNameIsHeaven

    ❤️'d this video!

  45. Whitney's Worldd

    You look so pretty girly!

  46. I love the Container Store! That acrylic box is so perfect.
    P.S. What lipstick are you wearing? I could not stop staring at your lips the whole video lol

  47. where did you purchase the rack that sits above the toilet?

  48. This entire video was relaxing… I love your videos in general though lol. Much love.