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  1. Slow it down sister!! Almost erped @ the beginning. Minimalist?

  2. Jessie Madanat

    No basement playroom? Impressive you have really controlled the toy clutter

  3. its not small at all, you have a very beautiful spacious home with some nice size rooms, congrats.

  4. Indian MOM In Australia

    I loved your house

  5. where did you get that little white coat rack you have on the wall ( showed it right after the "S" ) I've been searching for one like that…

  6. beautiful home although your small home is still bigger than our average home in the UK x

  7. Your home is beautiful and inviting, organized too. Thank you for the tour and Merry Christmas! 🎄

  8. hi ellen! — i commented well over a year ago, i think it was on a video about finnleys australia themed room?? as i live in aus 🙂 —
    i was just preparing for my baby, researching and buying cloth covers and flats etc.
    well we ended up renovating (refurbishing?) for bubs (matilda) first 3 months so just used eco disposables, then used cloth for awhile, it worked really great, especially the wipes, then she started teething early and was doing so much extra poop i switched back to sposies for awhile, now we're painting her room so everything is packed up but i'm looking forward to using the cloth again in a few weeks! i do need another cover and a couple more flip flats..
    i've really enjoyed catching up on all your videos whiles she's napped on me the past week or so, and your minimalist thing has really inspired me to throw some stuff out. our current house is bigger than our old one and has filled up with crap! it's actually easy to keep less when you have less room to store stuff..

    i had a question for you, i'm planning on putting my old double futon in her room on the floor, so she can feed to sleep and maybe sleep without me for day sleeps (she's nearly 13mths). i noticed you said finns was on wood slats? are they just like from a normal base? i'm a little worried about the bottom of the futon not getting enough air..

    i bought her a green toys dump truck for her birthday too! 🙂
    i also just wanted to say your kids look so gorgeous, your sons face has a lovely softness about it, you're obviously doing a great job xx

  9. And what is so minimalist about this place? All I see is that it has tinny rooms and bathroom which are on top of that over crowded. Doesn't even remotely resemble minimalist design.

  10. Living Even Keeled

    You "had' a nice place. The windows in the main room are great. I like the kitchen too with that window to the back. Can't wait toys see the new place. But I will – so no rush. I can't imagine how much you've got going on right now.

  11. Love it! Are you getting Finley an actual bed when you move?

  12. Sonia Rodriguez

    Definitely love it!!

  13. Charlie - Baba Loves

    Loved seeing where you live, thanks for sharing!

  14. Expand-a-Family

    Cute house! How old is Fiona now? How the heck do you guys manage without baby gates?! My little guy would have torn through every one of your drawers and cabinets during the time you were filming the vid. 😂

  15. Did u say Oregon?! How cool! I have no idea. I'm in Salem 🙂 it's SOOOOO hot! I hate anything over 75 degrees.

  16. Glad to see other people have a "cat litter bathroom" 😄

  17. Victoria Watkins

    love it