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Minimalist Christmas Tree 2018 / Decorating On A Budget / Decorate With Me

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  1. Great! Who is your music? Crazy about you channel

  2. I live in the midwest in America ( Iowa) so funny to see people in shorts and tank tops Christmas shopping… we've had snow most of the day.

  3. I ❤❤❤ your new Christmas Tree and all the decorations. Its amazing !

    I would like to buy 1 for my house. 😊

  4. new friend here hope you do the same plus neat stuff

  5. Looks amazing! Have a blessed Christmas season 🎄

  6. FrugalMommaNTheWoods

    Very nice

  7. FrugalMommaNTheWoods

    I paid less then ten bucks for the tree we are using this year but u can see pole so filled it in with cheap fake flowers lol ours is three pieces easy , your tree is very pretty

  8. FrugalMommaNTheWoods

    I always hit after Christmas sales for next year lol like gift tags wrapping paper

  9. FrugalMommaNTheWoods

    Cute Christmas clothes

  10. FrugalMommaNTheWoods

    Its so fun to decorate,

  11. Crissy Crutchfield

    I love your videos. I am about to share one on a minimalist site for someone who needs help. My heart sunk because I know the little Logo you used and couldn't find it ( I am awful with names but I can remember the picture logo. Please find one that you like to be used for your brand and don't change it. I don't want you to get lost in the millions of videos. With love…..

  12. I feel like I am hormonal but I'm not pregnant, when you said I dress the kids up in their xmas shirts and I started tearing up :')
    Maybe it's cause I'll be staying in the canary islands this year with my kids and hubby so i'll be missing the Icelandic white snow and traditions.
    Which was intentional .. but not i'm kinda sad about it hehe

    your channel has inspired my decluttering SO MUCH, i've sort of been much more able to give, dunno why just have =) sooo nice thanks

    your videos were on a playlist for like 12 hours yesterday while I was cleaning and decluttering my home =)

  13. I have a Kmart tree that I’ve had for 5 yrs now but all my decorations are all family airlooms that have been handed down both the hubby and mines family for over 20 years including hand made decorations from way back into the 70’s that are priceless. Your tree and decorations are beautiful. I like the idea of slim tree.

  14. Love your home, family and how you live your minimalism .Greetings from Germany 😃🏡

  15. Your tree is perfect for your space! It's so lovely to see the whole family participating in setting it up 🙂

  16. We have a reusable tree that we have been using for years too! How do you handle gift giving? Or is that an upcoming video?

  17. One Christmas I had four extra children. Joys of foster care. 😉 My mum babysat about 5pm on Christmas Eve so I could run out and grab presents. All Christmas decorations were half price. 👍

  18. Stephanie Couchman

    Love this!

  19. Frugal Family of 6

    I love the tree you chose. I've put my tree up and that's about all the decorating I'm doing this year lol xx

  20. Love your tree! Perfect size and I love how easy it will be to store afterwards! Now you guys can get down to enjoying your Christmas season. Looking forward to more videos. I’m interested in how you handle gift shopping for the kids😊

  21. I can’t tell you how excited I was for this video when I saw it lol omg your tree is stunning what are you talking about it lovely! I honestly love big w for all their cheap Disney themed decorations for Christmas I turn in to such a big kid myself in the store 😂💖

  22. Love that you waited till all the kids could help put it up & decorate it. Family is everything 💞 Sarah the final result was lovely.

  23. Great video

  24. Hi lovely vlog. Your tree looks so nice. Xx nice music as well xx

  25. How do you not have millions of subscribers? Your videos are always so good!

  26. What a lovely tree! Random question but what is the toy called that your daughter was spinning on near the end of the video?

  27. The after Christmas sales is my favorite time to shop!

  28. Great video. Our tree will be going up on Saturday 🎅🎄

  29. Great video! 🙂