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Minimalist Bedroom Tour | Simple Master Bedroom

Hope you enjoy seeing my simple and minimal bedroom. I keep things very simple and clean in here because my bedroom is my sanctuary. Our basement is a mess most of he time but my bedroom is rarely cluttered or messy. I do my best to keep things clutter-free and the surfaces clean so I can relax 🙂

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***About Me***
I’m a 30-something working mom from Minnesota. I have a wonderful husband and a 4 year old boy. Trying my best to balance everything while also taking care of myself! I’m into green products, planning/organizing, and researching ways to make life more full and ways to make the day-to-day stuff easier!!
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  1. Put a picture frame around Phillip's wall art.

  2. I love your bed spread!!!! Omg the Philip sign!! That's so cute actually. Keep it! If you ever move your bed or have a lower headboard, you could frame it 😂. Just take the back out an put up.

  3. How adorable maybe pit a frame around it O:-)😍

  4. Ok the square is adorable! And no I wouldn't ever paint over it! Anyway to add plexiglass so it doesn't continue to wear? And maybe build out a small frame around it? Course that's probably not you lol

  5. Your bed spread is beautiful! I am currently looking for another comforter/duvet set for our bed and would like to makeover our whole bedroom.  Love the white square with your husband's name on it, so special! I second the idea about cutting that out and replacing it with another piece of drywall so you can save it!

  6. Are bedroom is also the simplest room in the house. I love your decor and your bedding is beautiful. So cute that he wrote his name on the wall, but I don’t know how you could hide it. Maybe a tapestry? 😘🤷🏽‍♀️

  7. Love the bed sheets ! 👌🏼 love it! Plz check out my latest video girl.

  8. Love the Phillip story! IF you ever decide to reclaim the square, I think it would be easy to cut that piece of drywall out and frame it. Then you can repatch the wall and paint it. Your plant will look great on a stand and YAY for keeping it alive!! 💜💜💜

  9. The square is so meaningful; I could never cover that up! Funny though that it's right over your headboard. Oh well! Your room is such a clean slate and must be very distraction free for sleep and rest!

  10. Happily Ever Minimal

    Aw that square is adorable. I think if you ask Phillip about covering over it if you really want to or else just hang something over it. I love the desk area. I don't think your room is bare at all. I think it will look great when you get the plant on a stand or else find a nice cotton basket hanger to hang it from the ceiling if you prefer bare floors. I love the look of hanging plants 😊