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MINIMALIST APARTMENT TOUR [ modern scandinavian interior ]

after just about 5 months in this apartment, we’re finally ready to show you guys what it looks like in this very much requested apartment tour video !
it’s a big, bright, and modern apartment in berlin, with our own minimalist scandinavian / nordic style in interior design (we are from sweden after all). besides from kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, we have two large rooms – one that we uses as our living room, and the biggest one we’ve made into our home office.

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we’re super happy with the furniture and the overall feel of the place. david wants to stay here for a while and settle down a bit, and i’m not against the idea of at least staying a couple of years. it feels so good to have a home that we’re happy with and that is suitable for us to work from !
i’m looking forward to hearing what you think.

if you want more info on any of the other furniture, you can check out the apartment tour video we did in our last apartment here in berlin:

it’s so good to be out of that place though, we weren’t happy there at all !

love // jenny


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  1. hey guys – go watch our morning show channel THE MUSTARDS !

    most popular video : 9 TRICKS TO CREATE HYGGE AT HOME : http://bit.ly/2srKC2T

    love // jenny

  2. Don't understand the thumbs down, the title promises an apartment tour and that's what you get.

  3. Oh my gosh Jenny you amaze me. Its so rare to find such coordination in this noisy crowded stuffy 21st century. I think I want to be a minimalist

  4. 😘👍🏻

  5. Hi Jenny, we really like the furniture (kommode) you have in the bedroom! We would like to buy something similar so would love it if you could let us know the brand? We live in Norway, Oslo.

  6. You look a lot like lykke li here

  7. katherine savarese

    I love the "gift cabinet" idea

  8. I’m a huge fan of minimalism and hope to implement it in my home once we have more than just a room in a shared house. But personally I think I’d go absolutely crazy with no art or color on the walls. I’m trying to cut back on my knick knack collecting but I could never get rid of my posters and canvasses. But you have a beautiful style and I’m happy you’re happy in it!

  9. Your interior is sooooo georgos <3

  10. The lighting are so great. Can anyone tell me the light that she use?

  11. No eybrows?

  12. Evonne Chen 極簡和人生

    Minimalism has changed my life.☺️👍

  13. In Germany you have to hang your shower curtain yourself 😀 it is pretty normal, that there is none.

  14. var är den vita stolen/fåtöljen du sitter i i slutet av videon ifrån? SÅ FIN!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  15. I didn’t know Taylor Swift had a minimalist yt channel

  16. You guys NEED a bonsai tree! 😀 a big one.

  17. sid vicious

  18. Yes please more detailed video. You are so personable and approachable 😍

  19. what kind of dresses are those?

  20. Absolutely lovely!!!

  21. love this minimalist style… I dont like to keep a lot of stuff.👊❤

  22. hey what do you think about this lamp http://bit.ly/tantis ???

  23. Kitchen is cute! Love how everything has a purpose. I was just in Berlin- love the city

  24. I love it! Inspiring!

  25. where are your eyebrows

  26. Please forgive me. I admire your home very much. But I would have emotional difficulty in a room with so much white. My mom would love it! It is so tasteful, clean, welcoming. Thank you for the tour!

  27. Motion Design Works and Quick tips

    I watched your video to the end, it made me so relaxed I don't know why haha but your look and way of talking fits everything so much like you are meant to present this apartment for the rest of your life ! Thank you, love it 😀

  28. Your face is too white what happened?

  29. "yes you will!" that gave me a good laugh

  30. the most perfect calming space! had to subscribe

  31. where did you buy those chairs from the working room?

  32. You suddenly became white ghost eh ah scary merry daaaaamn

  33. If you're after some minimalist plants consider getting some air plants!

  34. You're living room looks like a spa :v