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Minimalist Apartment Tour

Make sure to check out my recent apartment tours:
Fall 2017 – https://youtu.be/D2T0oRmCjcM
Spring 2018 – https://youtu.be/Y7GC8TYbaU8

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  1. very nice

  2. casually speaking about gaming on xbox


  3. Its not like you’re a minimalist, you’re just… a (single) man. Greetings Awesome apt!

  4. Interesting. Wish I could go less more. Have you seen the power cord managemet boxes? (Amazon). Might be nice under the TV.

  5. Only thing I can say is learn how to cook 😂😂

  6. Next on Hoarders…..

  7. hin 喜欢!so like it~

  8. love the ghost in shell wallpaper

  9. no uso heladera hace mas de dos años!!!

  10. 3:40 Can we all just respect he's so OCD when he throws things into his shelves they land at perfect right angles

  11. A plant or two would do wonders. And better air.

  12. Why do so many minimalists don't have plants? It changes a room so nicely, and guess what?!? They only need water and sun 😉

  13. This guy makes living broke look fancy

  14. Turkey Bowlwinkle

    He has more furniture than me (even without the sectional) but I have more food and stuff. I need to get rid of some of my stuff.

  15. That cup so close to the edge is Killin' me

  16. you should live in a studio or a van

  17. i like it, but you need to eat more

  18. 1 minute into this video and I already subscribed 😍

  19. Caroline Moortiere

    everyone judging his minimalist life as if there were a scientific formula to be one

  20. I like your lifestyle! 😘

  21. Sasha Ana D'souza

    The white cup is about to go down.

  22. Minimalist = Happy / Miserable ?
    I will try this on my new home but with the exclusion of the kitchen😊

  23. This is motivating.

  24. Haha good vid and such a minimalistic outro


  26. Thats the most minimal clothing closet I have ever seen!

  27. Cable management for your tv will be a big plus

  28. my kitchen has less tools than yours but its still possible to cook every meal at home…

  29. But, no food?…

  30. the only furniture i own is desk, chair and a foldable mattress. that's good enough for me. (and desk is a must for productivity!)

  31. Where did you find an apartment this large in NY? I just grabbed a place in Philly, signing the lease this week.

  32. wow what size are your Samba's?!


  34. That mug is at the EDGE OF THE TABLE. HELP MY OCD

  35. Theodore Roosevelt

    What's your job?

  36. Theodore Roosevelt

    LG commercial

  37. Theodore Roosevelt

    I like it I also like the fact that you embrace your loneliness

  38. Minimalist Lifeu

    Id rather have bettr kitchen than have tv. Just me though

  39. Was I the only one getting anxious about the cup on edge

  40. Constructive Minimalism

    👍 I have the same acoustic wall. The rest looks just like my apartment 5 years ago.

  41. when you're so minimalistic you don't even have anything in your fridge.

  42. this video made me realize how many unnecessary useless things i own… definetely gonna give minimalism a try

  43. You took minimalism to a whole new level dude!

  44. Freedom Education

    I envy you because my mum and sister always just keep things lying around or keep stupid stuff especially in my room just because it looks nice and they never really come into my room anyway 😂