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Decluttering and focusing on minimalism for the last year has gotten me to this point…almost ready to put our house up for sale and move cross country! Check out what I have been working on…or should I say throwing out. House tour time!!

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  1. Where did you get the white bench and who makes it? I'm in love! Thanks for sharing the video I like how simple everything is! It looks very peaceful! Good luck!

  2. I'd suggest adding side rugs to the bedroom to warm it up, that mirror also looks too small. You can consider buying a bright/beautiful neutral type printed bedspread and like you said decorative pillows for the bed! Good luck in selling!

  3. I am a designer who does stage setting.  You do need to take down the family photos in the living room they are to small.  Fill the area in with one larger statement piece of wall art.  Add a couple books and a plant or vase to nook in living room instead of photos.  Warm up the kitchen with a vase of flowers on the counter and a piece of wall art over the table.  You basically want to express unpersonal beauty similar to what a hotel does if that makes sense?  Go to a couple model homes and tour them, that is what you want to make your home sell, the more it looks "model home" the better.  Hope this helps!

  4. Hey I think you should put some artwork up on the wall behind your bed. Would be nice

  5. You need artwork on the walls, real artwork.  Plain walls are just boring!

    Overall, though, you have done a great job clearing things out!

  6. Yes you suppose to put away personal items and pictures when u are trying to sell your home. I watch hgtv all the time.

  7. Hi looks good!I would take down the personal photos and paint that wall an accent colour, maybe golden, to match the other yellow in the space. In the master bedroom change to white sheets and a couple of colored accent pillows ( you could use some of your own colourful scarves and wrap around plain pillows and tie with a bow or interesting knot.) I would switch the nightstand and dresser in bedroom 2 also add white sheets and maybe a coloruful blanket across the bottom of the bed (you could even fold a blanket that you have now to a throw size) and definitely put up something on the window. Add flowers (fake or real) to the bathroom and change to a gauzy white sheer for the window to make it more spa like. In the living room I would put the long bench under the window and use the other benches somewhere else or store them. I think fabric on the cork board woukd look nice. I wouldn't worry about the trim in your sons room, and just add the light cover back on the fan. If you want to spend a bit more, change the ceiling light in the 2nd bedroom to something more modern. Remember the main thing when selling a house that's older is to have it immaculately clean. People want to think it's like new, even though it's not. I would give the floors a good shine up with some Murphys oil soap. Good luck with selling, If you list by mid April you should hit the beginning of the busiest real estate season.

  8. Hello Mel!  Lovely home!  Thank you for the tour.  Here are a few thoughts:  I love how clean and neat your house is. That goes a long way!  I would add fresh flowers the day you start showing your home, as another viewer suggested (in kitchen, master and bathroom).  I would add a few plants (perhaps a largish one in the family room).  I think candles are a nice touch.  I don't mind personal pictures at all, and you don't have an excess of these so I wouldn't worry about that.  I would add a nice comforter cover to your master bed (one that you would like in your new home!) and a few throw pillows.  I know this sounds odd, but I would add a few more decorative touches to your kitchen countertops.  Homes sell faster if they look like someone lives there, but lives there gently.  I know that is odd, but it is true!  Best wishes on selling your home!  Kim 

  9. You have done a great job decluttering! If I may suggest to change the sheets in the master bedroom to white and add some decorative pillows.  White towels in the bathroom, this helps to make it look fresh and clean.  The kitchen looks great.  Someone else suggested removing the personal pictures, I agree.  Hope you sell quick and look forward to seeing you in your new digs.

  10. Shannon Conroy Vlogs

    I think it looks great! I don't know anything about staging though… Haha. 

  11. Remove those lovely benches so they have more room to walk around…will make room larger. They are nice…I will take them for you. 😉 Kitchen looks awesome!!! Day of showings- add fresh flowers- you can get cheap white vases at the dollar store. I would put them in the bathroom, kitchen table. If you can, get rid of the tables next to the bed for more space. Get 2 big pillows for the bed to add some color and texture. Fresh throw on there would help too. Third bedroom- put the bed on the wall touching the armoire and the armoire opposite at the foot. Remove the nightstand and long dresser. You need space in there. Again, get some oversized pillows for the bed. I work for a real estate company and square footage is king. 🙂 Looks great!!! You have done a lovely job!!!

  12. Loving your channel! Your house looks nice. I think accent pillows in the bedroom would look nice. We are planning on putting our house on the market too and need to declutter. It's an old farm house and we "inherited" a lot from the previous owner. I hope your house sells quickly for you, best of luck!