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MINIMALISM | Getting Furniture For Our Small Space

Timber sectional – http://bit.ly/2RxB5T4
Spira rug – http://bit.ly/2RuDOwF
Timpani ottoman – http://bit.ly/2RydVfE
Beau mirror – http://bit.ly/2QQduNh

Shopping on the Article website was great in finding inspiration for my space and discovering the perfect pieces for my small living room. So much selection to choose from, making it a one stop shop for me!

When it comes to furnishing a small space, I focused on finding:
1. Light, bright shades to open the room
2. Textures to draw the eye to various areas of the room
3. Functionality and the ability to cater to our lifestyle
4. A large mirror to open the space up
5. Non bulky items that will not take up our small space.

It was easy finding EXACTLY what I needed from Article and LOVED the detailed measurements they had online so I could have a clear picture of how it would fit into our space.

Click the links above to shop and make the most of YOUR space!

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