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Minimalism For Beginners – How To Get Started!

Minimalism For Beginners – How To Get Started!

I think I was a minimalist before minimalism was even a movement. In fact, my mother still hasn’t forgiven me for giving away so much of my “valuable” stuff over the years. But the idea of having less has always appealed to me. So I’d say I was probably born to be a minimalist. Don’t get me wrong I know plenty of people who live very happily surrounded by colour and things but it’s just not for me. If I have too much colour and clutter around me I feel stressed and anxiety starts to set in. And that’s one of the main reasons people seek out the simplicity of a more minimal lifestyle in the first place. It creates calm and done right is generally kinder on the planet too. So while minimalism may not be for everyone, but for those of you who are intrigued by the idea then today I’m sharing some of my top tips to styling your home like a minimalist.

If you have any tips on minimalism for beginners I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

More info on getting started over on my blog: http://www.thestyleinsider.co.nz/style-home-like-minimalist/

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  1. Evangelist Mary Pillow

    I don't like clutter!! I've been moving stuff from 1 spot, drawer or room to the other. For a few months it really looks and feels good. Until I start looking for something; to wear and trying to match shoes. Clutter starts 5-10 outfits, seven pairs of shoes & 5-10 purses or I must pull out more.
    I have given away about 100 pairs of shoes, 40 purses. I no longer purchase new items every month.

    Lord Jesus Christ, I'm going to win this battle in 2019.

  2. Hate all that white! So cold and unwelcoming

  3. I found your statement – "Minimal storage in a home is really important because everything you own needs to be stored out of sight” to be bothersome. Although I agree that minimalists find value in more than just their "things" but I don't agree with the rigidness that you've depicted minimalism to be in this video. Why so many rules? Doesn't minimalism have a different definition based on the individual? That's what makes minimalism so unique – the expanse of ingredients that make up each recipe of minimalism.

  4. ðreåmxr Chilð

    I was originally a crazy hoarder but now I’m midway through my minimalist journey and it’s so much better and I can feel so much more value in the things I still have

  5. Simply Beautiful

    I’m 13 and I want to become a minimalist because I have bad anxiety and stuff makes me anxious it sounds crazy!

  6. BitchyCatInTheRoom

    Me: alright I'm gonna get rid of everything I don't need and I'm gonna be an amazing minimalist
    Also me: hmmm I think I'll just keep all of these shoe boxes and filled up notebooks and shoes that don't fit anymore and my millions of stuffed animals

  7. donald mcgreggor

    I think home is start you should expand minimalistic approach in other areas too. like wallet is a good example, i got this Cascade Wallet by Mani Wonders and i think it is the best choice i made in a long time.

  8. Love the tips!

  9. Não acredito que a estampa animal faça parte da paleta minimalista….

  10. Gretta Lemabouchou

    I am at the point now where if I pitch something or give it to Goodwill, I feel so good doing so. I love having the minimum with the max impact.

  11. I love minimalism but I still like decor (just not cluttered or too much). I like the traditional/contemporary/minimal staged home look. Basically, I make everything look pretty. xD

  12. After this video…I am getting started!

  13. Why do i need to store things out of sight?
    If i'm reducing my possessions to the minumum, should'n everything be necessary and therefore at hand?

  14. katelyn childers

    The truth is minimalism It’s different for everyone it’s about creating a life worth living and always giving things that I value what

  15. so i guess in order to be a minimalsit….i have to choose the right pallet and buy high end quality furniture.

  16. Am I the only one who thinks throw pillows on beds are so annoying and uncomfortable?

  17. Women are maximalists

  18. As an artist, an empty wall kills me😉

  19. Bite That Bullet

    I love this whole thing, because color and clutter really stresses me out

  20. Bite That Bullet

    Last year my room went from pink shabby chic vintage cluttered look to black and white cold and bare clinic look. But maybe this time I’ll add a little bit of gold here and there for color…

  21. Excellent. Subbed

  22. Going minimalist is the hardest thing ever when I share a room with my little sister. She has SO MUCH STUFF, random colors everywhere, and never cleans

  23. The Vegan Minimalist

    Everything looks so clean, spacious and neutral-colored ! 🙂 Unfortunately in my case, our appartement is a bit small-medium sized for where we live. No matter how much stuff we get rid of or "hide" in storage, it never looks this spacious. Our living room has mostly black furniture – black is classy but it darkens the room systematically ! probably when we move out, we'll have to change everything (more buying, more expenses…). Hmmmm tough to be minimal sometimes :/

  24. If you have any type of sentimental value to a picture or an object that reminds you of something important. Try and feature it on a shelf or, on a side table.

  25. Achieve a minimalist look by keeping your walls, carpets and windows clean and fresh. Choose bolder colours for an abstract feel to each part of your house ( cushions, picture frames and small parts of seating ). Try not to use so many bold colours in one place because that can cause darkness and feel like you have a smaller living space.

  26. cynthia green at heart

    I can say my room is simpler but I made so many holes by putting alot of fames and later I got rid of them haha.

  27. youandme.vegan ♥

    I liked the video and it was a good guide to achieve a really nice aesthetic. I'm a sucker for soft, fluffy textures. And I'm definitely that kind of boring minimalist who likes everything white and grey!

    The "quality over quantity" tip was my favourite. Honestly, it's so amazing for your peace of mind to choose items with prudence, and have the confidence that they will last a long time and not cause you much hassle. Everytime I think about buying something, I ask myself: "will this make some part of my life considerably easier and less stressful?". I have enough pretty objects, now it's time to seek beauty in stress relief and simplicity 🙂

    However, I'm surprised there weren't any tips on how to declutter. Especially for a beginner, decluttering first, step by step, seems like a good idea before choosing any storage systems or themes. Then again, you have other, more specific videos about decluttering, so I can see why you would go for a broader and more general approach here.

  28. I just watched your videos for the first time and already in love with them! Thank you so much for the great tips and clean look and clear understanding of your videos!

  29. ❤️

  30. Elizabeth Mendel

    I'd love to see a minimalist that didn't have white everything and pastel coloring in their videos. It looks nice, but every single minimalist on YouTube has the same style.

  31. U have such a great voice 💞

  32. 👍🏼👍🏼

  33. Why would a minimalist need so many pillows?