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Minecraft | Quick Interior | 14×18 Solid Survival Home Interior

Welcome back to KyleKraft! Back with another Quick Interior, this one is for the latest LEGO Style Tutorial. A relatively small survival house interior that you’ll enjoy living in!

LEGO Style Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3wb0wpg_lA

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Welcome back to another Minecraft Quick Interior! The point of this series is to quickly create good looking and realistic Minecraft interiors in the vanilla version of Minecraft. In this one we build a medium size interior for a solid house, one that was recently built in a LEGO Style Tutorial. Enjoy!

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  1. i think its too fast

  2. wow broo it's so nice bro.thanks for tutorial bro..

  3. this guy always uses a combination of birch and oak wood

  4. goodness garcious kylekraft, are you a home decorator? if so i could really use some help. Im a movie director and would really like it if you could do the interior for a home that will be in a movie. mind you i need interior design that can withstand extremely salty based liquids as well as a color that can disguise blood.

  5. Congrats on 100 subs

  6. Man, I really do struggle with building, especially interiors, and these help a lot. I think that the space behind the sandstone stair could have a trip hook (Is that what they're called?) to serve as a coat hanger. Also, you should do a video on some good furniture designs. Like plant vases and chairs and stuff. Ok now I'm just rambling…

  7. Awesome vid!