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Minecraft: Modern Home Design EP3


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Minecraft: Modern Home Design EP3. Its been a while, but Im back with another modern home design for you guys. ENJOY

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Minecraft: Modern Home Design EP3 OFFICIAL VIDEO

Thanks for watching!

Minecraft: Modern Home Design EP3
Minecraft: Modern Home Design EP3
Minecraft: Modern Home Design EP3

I do not own Minecraft, but I have purchased a legal copy of the game. This video was made for entertainment purposes. This video was made by me, edited, and I built the things myself. I do not own iMovie, it is a free software that apple allows its users to use. The sound track in the beginning of the video is Copy Right Free/Royalty Free. The sound track is from iMovie 11 and it is provided by Apple. Sound track name is “Pulsing Sweep.caf” by Apple Inc.

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  1. Kayzie Heart Ferrer

    Pakkkkkkkkkkkkkk minecraft

  2. Moutassem your mean he tried his BEST to make the interior!
    Besides I love it

  3. I saw this house in another video

  4. you know that instead of putting signs on the sides for a couch just put stair sideways

  5. زي بيت ممشاري

  6. Its all right :/

  7. You suck at interior

  8. Facepalm

  9. xXZombieArmageddonXx

    What texture pack is that???

  10. people watch you sleep in this house

  11. Nice home ^_^

  12. Hamma its Called Minecraft 🙂

  13. hey what is this game (app) i wanna make my own home !?

  14. Make a tutorial 😀

  15. My channels Modern Minecraft Builds

  16. Nice haha looks like the modern house in my latest video

  17. where tutorial to this video?

  18. This is all cool, but I hate! That texture pack!!! WTF is this!!!???

  19. i wish he would show us how to build it

  20. Which mode is that ???

  21. do a tutorial pls

  22. who doesn't?

  23. do you know who keralis is?

  24. Nice home, is small but nice, i really like your work 😀