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Minecraft Home Design ep.02 (Floor and paterns)

Paulsoaresjr asked about how to make a L shape sofa/bench so I came up with a little solution that I should have shown you in the first episode.
Then we take a look at floors and paterns. 😀

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  1. Like the video reals smart way to spice a house up

  2. The Sibearian Bearserker

    I use a stripe on the bottom of the wall for exterior architectural design.

  3. miss your videos….you need to do more now that there's new blocks!

  4. Since he has the rooms open it's like ikea

  5. Like #600 woohoo

  6. Kevin Quelquechose

    té tu quebecois?

  7. Chimney send me 😛

  8. I lol'ed at 3:06 XD

  9. cool intro

  10. blue and orange looks awful

  11. you can use different planks now but the jungle one is fugly

  12. You say like even when your not supposed to. "When you like place a like floor" it gets pretty annoying but I don't really mind, I'll, like get over it as they say.

  13. Your grammar annoys me.

  14. new vrsin has difrint playnks

  15. The only thing worse than adds is when adds have to buffer

  16. did you even watch the video?.. he used that like on the first scene.

  17. You can use pistons for tables too. If you can hide a redstone torch under them, they look really good for tables

  18. yep in minecraft 1.2.4 it's one of the updates

  19. What do u think of the new planks in Minecraft

  20. Actually there are more wooden planks now 🙂

  21. Victimized-Customs

    thumbs up if you're watching this in 2012 and the new planks is in use! ;D

  22. @RationalBully That and everyone has default texture pack, so it's the best one to demonstrate with. When using texture packs, it's easy to build something that you think is amazing and beautiful, then someone with a different texture pack or using default thinks it looks hideous.

  23. @paulsoaresjr go paul!

  24. I am nt useing any muds lol

  25. i fucking love you

  26. You sir earned yourself a sub.

  27. @DurandalOfAegis how do i do the floor after stuff if air house? 2 layer floor? lol

  28. @YouFailin3D also in my mind minecraft4kids is great just the cows scare the hell outa me