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  1. what template do you use ?

  2. bhai mje helpe chaheye apki

  3. I was watching a subnautica let's play, how did I get here


    g kindly help me..

    i need to learn autocad mep

    so tutorial please

  5. video quality is not good

  6. sankar reddy thugu

    hello sir your class is fine ,but i have one doubt, what that know, your fixing the mesurements know, how it is fix, i saw your youtube, but there you take rectangular, draw a box, then @50',31' , same procceser i am following, but there is know the chane the box, what are you doing here sir please tell me,

  7. Please upload this plan front section tutorial video

  8. Sir can you please make a electric ifc drafting . make a shop drawings

  9. nice video

  10. It was good except try to say 'FEET' like 'SEAT' rather than 'FIT'. It was annoying.

  11. The Lazy Arquitecto

    Nice video, you may also like Learn Autocad in One Video https://youtu.be/y2KRwpKKNTk

  12. Nice Tutorial Sir….!

  13. Best coaching

  14. Thanks nice your plane

  15. AutoCAD Examples

    This is my first video

  16. nice video sir…..

  17. Pls make more videos on working drawing please

  18. in which version

  19. Can yo tell the limits for individual villa

  20. Sandesh Shrestha

    you get one suscriber congratulation!!

  21. Computer Courses Online


  22. Awesome! Thank you so much!

  23. What a simple way of explanation. Thanks a lot buddy. Keep up the good work.

  24. brijrakhan kumar

    Thanks u sir


    Could you please tell me, why you have converted doors & windows to blocks ? @11:10