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Makeover: This Small Kitchen Was A Nightmare!

In this dramatic makeover, designer Trish Johnston shows how she took this small kitchen from unliveable to incredible — all while staying on a budget. Trish amps up the effect of simple subway tile by completely enveloping almost all the walls in tile to contrast the exposed brick. Breezy oversized pendants and gold hardware are fresh, on-trend touches. She also reorganized the layout of the space to maximize functionality and style for the new homeowners. Plus, get Trish’s tips for giving a budget-friendly kitchen a custom look.

Watch Trish’s unbelievable bathroom overhaul: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaJ6Jxr8fFA


Design: https://www.trishjohnstondesign.com/

Ikea – cabinets and bench, Gingers – Cabinet Hardware , Purparket – hardwood floor, Century Architexture – Brick wall, Jon Paul Douglass – Art, Pendants – World Market

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  1. I think it looks great but I wonder why americans always have to have such huge fridges? Do you really use the whole thing (as someone without a big family, that's something different of cause)?

  2. Mariyeen Acheege

    I despise subway tiles. What is it with designers, you can't think of anything else?

  3. This seems to be the sweetest woman, and I would be happy to hire her to renovate or redecorate my space, and I’ve said that about very few designers!

  4. Airlie Maria Heung

    Too white

  5. The sink is way too small and to close to the stove. Removing a window is not so bad when have another one and considering it's a really small kitchen that need wall storage. I'm not a fan of those lamp shade. Not easy to clean and will create shadow in the kitchen when lights up. But I do love the palette…and I like the design making a continuity with the bathroom.

  6. I love this kitchen, so inspired.

  7. I hate all white kitchens, white cabinets, white walls and white counter tops. A different counter top would have been a game changer…jmo

  8. fredrik bergquist

    I don’t know where this house is situated but if it is in a colder climate you could put a vent in the food storage closet, since it had that window. They had vents like that in old times.

  9. Wow wow !!! BTFL BTFL… ★★★★★ ♥♥♥♥♥

  10. Gorgeous!!!!!

  11. DeShawn Hatcher


  12. So beautiful, simple yet elegant! Amazing job!

  13. Simply Sarah Lynn

    Nice composition. Very sleek. I like the approach “every room needs a little sparkle”

  14. I love Trish Johnston’s design work… can wait for the rest of the series.

  15. FeelGood Within

    Wow!!! So Beautiful ❤️ 😍

  16. Katarzyna nowak

    I love this kitchen, it's not too everything, simple and stylish 🙂

  17. Finally, Trish is back! One of my favorite designers here.

  18. The stove costs tons of $.

  19. How gorgeous. Love love Trish!! 🤩💗🙌🏼

  20. I find the floor space design very efficient. It seems small for a house, especially considering the back doorway can't be blocked (the eat in counter deftly reuses that transit zone). My question : where is the microwave?

  21. Beautiful redo

  22. How did you get rid of the roaches?

  23. What happened to the cockroaches and spiders? How did you get them to go permanently?

  24. I love your work Trish Johnston, can't wait to see you again 😊

  25. Love. Help me with my kitchen. 🙏

  26. Love love love the design, but I dont think fluffy white stools in a kitchen is a good idea. Looks great, but must be hell trying to keep them clean.

  27. So brass is back?

  28. Legit question : why would you buy a house infested with cockroaches? Does it lower the price significantly enough that it becomes a real deal and you just have to bring the exterminator before doing the renos? I would be afraid to be stuck with them.