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Luxury Vastu House in Kolkata by Rupande Shah Associates

Project Fact File:
Location: Alipore, Kolkata
Year of Completion: 2016
Plot Area: 5725 sq.ft
Built-up Area: 13,500 sq.ft

Design Firm: Rupande Shah Associates, Kolkata
Scope: Interiors

The project is a high end villa in Alipore, Kolkata, one of the prestigious neighborhoods of the city. The clients brief was quite clear that they wanted to make their house “a statement of luxury”.

Space not being a constraint, the designers had ample scope of playing around with creative elements. Using a clean and straight lined design approach, all interior spaces were planned with accurate geometrical proportions.

The floor plate of the two top floors accommodated the personal spaces of the family. The 1st floor which housed the formal dining, guest room and family day room was kept as a transitional point between the formal ground floor and private floors on the 2nd and 3rd floor. The planning of each floor was kept clean and uncluttered. However, the vertical surfaces were used as blank canvases and intricate and eclectic patterns were woven on the brick and mortar walls.

The essence of each area were treated to suit individual needs and perspectives of its occupants.
Softer tones were used for the daughter’s room and feeling of “being a princess” is what we created for her.
In contrast, the son’s room was more masculine and geometrical patterns in marble and wood gave it a formal look.
The master suite was conceived for the space to look cheerful and warm since this was to be the meeting point for the full family to spend their evenings, when at home.

The main door, acts as focus point for entering this villa, where the user is transported into a world of “luxury at its peak”. The end result is stunning, classy and chic.

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  1. Free Speech Advocate

    tacky, loud

  2. Too tacky for my taste.

  3. The ceilings are very low and with the dark enterior IT makes the place look like hobbit

  4. i think you guys make better then this…looks good but not perfect….it is too much

  5. veryyy uglyyyy….

  6. How ironic……Paisa pheko tamasha dekho😁👍👍👍

  7. Gosh! My eyes hurt!

  8. amount kitni he

  9. No use of natural light , everything is enclosed with jazzy lights and gaudy colours. Like a golden cage concept! More money does not means the best .

  10. ultimate… gr8 work

  11. Trust me m architect n this is what money looks like I love it

  12. what is you mentioned is north east is actually east of north east.

  13. This is sexy! Almost like my vision for my future home. Within a years time when I acquire a property will try contacting you.

  14. how much would it cost for the house of 250 sq.yards. area? including everything? it should include 4 bedrooms. with ground first and second floor

  15. omg.it is very dull and looking very stressful.

  16. Unlimited budget to do that ugly piece of crap! "Congrats"

  17. It's so luxurious I'm gonna die😱

  18. Very loud and expensive. Less cozy and more sort of a hotel

  19. Vastu is totally wrong.
    1. South west is extended which is not at all Vastu compliant.
    2. Southwest should be for the eldest couple of the house
    You all have just made one good Vastu that's northeast entry. Else all are wrong. God knows how you call it Vastu compliant

  20. How do they communicate with each other while at home. By video conferencing?

  21. Way too colorful interiors.. Doesn't look fresh at all.. These kind of homes should use a lot of white n grey shades.

  22. What was the total cost?

  23. We dont knw…where to focus…
    So much of evrything