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Modern Minimalist House Designed For Young Couple and Their Pets

Modern Minimalist House Designed For Young Couple and Their Pets. This property is known as ...


  1. Joanne this is so lovely. It is so inviting, I would not want to leave it !!

  2. Nice!
    What is the name of the gray wall paint?

  3. Beautiful as always I didn't even notice defective sound in the previous video you were speaking on unless I was seriously focused on the decor as a whole because it's always superb! !!!

  4. I love the purple and gray

  5. Melanated Lady Trucker

    I love the whole room including the chairs.

  6. At Penny’s Place

    Looks great!!
    Great open space yes love those throws!! New friend be bless!

  7. Absolutely gorge! Do you remember where you got those mirrors from?

  8. Hi Beautiful! Lady & home 💖

  9. It’s beautiful

  10. beautiful

  11. Stephanie Bermudez

    Love it love it love it 😍 u made that purple look good 🥰

  12. ,♥️ your colors….nice bedroom cozy, comfortable, and gorgeous 👍😊

  13. Beautiful

  14. Sooo Beautiful 💜💎💜

  15. Jacqueline Lockhart

    I love the colors

  16. Beautiful Beautiful and more Beautiful!!! Those purple pillows are popping. Love it all

  17. JD ❤️Your bed room and your sitting room are so beautiful 😍 I love love love your chandler ❤️Thanks for sharing 😍

  18. My favorite color is 💜💜💜💜💜 Beautiful 😍

  19. Beautiful room ♥️♥️♥️

  20. Olympia Charmaine Rock Wilson

    Good morning, your bedroom is beautiful! Love the colors

  21. Wow your bedroom is super large I love those lounge chairs love your headboard love your decor I just saw something like that lounge chair walmart.com and I'm loving it in white but I want to put it in my living space but I'm redoing that right now to see if it could fit miss you

  22. Very beautiful!

  23. Hello..just BEAUTIFUL u have awesome taste!!!I just need to know if u don't mind where did u purchase ur bedroom set that bed and them nightstands just shinning glamorous…..

  24. Love, love 🏅🏅🥇🙏

  25. GORGEOUS bedroom. You've done a great job decorating your bedroom. I luv how you have incorporated the purple into your room it's so pretty. I'm looking for a nice comforter I'll definitely have to check Homegoods. New subbie enjoying your channel hope to be friends. Tfs, be blessed luv

  26. MultiFacettedMe w/ SFB

    Beautiful, fave color purple.

  27. o.m.g. I love it, my bedroom is creme, purple & silver🌹

  28. Glad to see your beautiful face on here my friend !!!