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Low Cost House with Flat Roof

The RBM R & D design the RBM-1000 Machine with auto batching system which allow all materials requirement mix accordingly to the correct portion.
Also,formwork system are used in this video to faster the job to replace conventional as laying brick and thick plastering.IT help YOU SAVE ALMOST 60% MATERIALS COST & INCREASE 350% PRODUCTIVITY!!!

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  1. What waterproofs the roof anything special gets laid down before the cement?

  2. Life is Awesome Civil Engineering Plans

    Looked good and affordable
    From india

  3. Why does this have a title of "low cost"? He is using US$ 100,000 of form work. His elevated slab is thin but he compensates with excess rebar, false economy. Where is low cost included in all that machinery? A grout pump? REALLY? And to top it off, his forms were so crappy and design so poor that he had to plaster everything! Vastly better to spend a little more casting to avoid plaster.

  4. Marlhon Joseph Lim

    This is expensive…

  5. Natesan Selvakumar

    I want to metal sheet roof over my ground floor,40 years old house.How it safe to fix the pillars?.On the parapet wall?or inside the parapet wall on the roof?.

  6. Useless video walang sagot sa mga tanong

  7. I need 2room but near of alabang metropolis if have for sale till me

  8. உங்கள் kitchen

    side wall no need for concrete. its too much expensive. side wall brick work is better. your idea is expensive.

  9. Can they be build in the United States

  10. we want to build this type of house pl give your phonenumber

  11. Hey Ryan, thank you so much! I have just completed my storage shed and wow! [Check Details Here⇒>https://t.co/byOcxJksyb ] How nice looking and firm it is. This is far better than most other ones I've seen around.

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  13. प्रणय कुमार

    How can I build my house in hajipur, bihar
    Pls tell me cost of per square feet

  14. good and best technology I am willing to same roofing my 999 sft. uppar flor

  15. how.much this house it will cost?

  16. @Modular Builders : will you work in Anantapur?Do you have projects in Anantapur like GFRC or like show video

  17. Hi maam and sir..hoü much this house cash or installment

  18. We are working without form-work system We are using GFRC hollow wall panels instead. They are permanent no need of demold or remove like formwork. We work in India Telangana and Andhra Pradesh mainly. 7660042040

  19. One of the best material I've ever seen  [ Details Here⇒>https://shedplansecret.blogspot.com ] ! I appreciate the many bonuses that come with this package. This will go a long way to help any woodworker that desires to build the best designs either for personal or commercial use.

  20. sir please your contact number

  21. Wholly crap, "low cost' using steel forms? Who on earth could think buying $80,000 worth of form work was low cost unless they were building 600 houses?

  22. what is cost of this house?

  23. the cost cement i s high I think

  24. Dileep Siddareddygari

    sir I want to construct rooms like this type I am from kadapa Andrea Pradesh please give me your number

  25. low cost? rent pa lg sa mga frames mukhang sakit na sa bulsa