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Living Room Tour | Indian Minimalist Home

Hi friends,Here is my minimalist living room tour…

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House Tour:

Kitchen Tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3AnX2ExQV4
Entryway/MudRoom Tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_0-WL9Z4jg
Closet Tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RR1xtqX03kE
Bedroom Tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uqPTLMnNT8
LaundryRoom and Bathroom Tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPBh2egYnGM
Guestroom Tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTZXV_PyRoY

Thanks for watching.

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  1. minimalism doesn't mean keeping everything empty….it means using a single thing in multiple ways and not collecting clutter…… the way we arrange the house effects our way of thinking and our mental health… keep things in those empty racks… at least plants or some antique items…. it will add colour to ur room…just a small suggestion …it is not a negitive commengt

  2. Plze explain about sticker charts

  3. simple n sweet

  4. you are amazing!!

  5. hi divya sister I have one daughter.her age 3years old. Next year i shall join B.Ed..college.my decision good or bad plz tell me. plz guide me. my daughter next year join pre K. g.

  6. which time are you prepare your exams.

  7. hi when you post your next video

  8. what r u studying now ?

  9. hi dear which types of books yur sons reading plz tell some examples

  10. Cool Calm and Mom

    Could you make a video on what made you decide to get rid of Tv. And what kind of adjustments were needed. Please give us details and your experience on get rid of tv altogether. Your husband and kids didn't protest? 😊

  11. Queen of the home

    Oh u will not watch tv ?😮
    oh.my good ness ?
    but how is it possible ?
    and wt about ur husband ?after cmg from office ……? its so great …but How can it possible ?
    plz a make a video on that
    how to deactive from social media.
    plz make a video on that
    my kid is 3 years her day starts with tv pogo cat extra.and moblie also

  12. we have tv…but nobody watch….my kids spend time on phone and computer…..i afraid if i dont give the phone….how they know the technology….thats y….ur opinion please…

  13. in my kitchen there is lots of cockroaches. how to get rid of it.

  14. I saw ur living room, bathroom organising I was very happy to see that it is so clean. if I ask u some question please can u answer me if u don't mind

  15. Indian mom vlogs Latha

    2 years ago we gave the tv to watchman.

    no one missed it

    instead we got time to talk, relax, play, and be a family…

    people are shocked when they come home… no tv… are you serious… how can you live they ask… i reply now we are actually living….

    divya i feel like you are my soul sister. .. i also have books at home… not few like yours… soooo many that one day it might simply explode…

    just like your family… my family reads…

    this is so wonderful… and also i cannot seam to atop watching your videos…. each video makes me want to watch more…

  16. U r really so different and a example for everyone . I appreciate u. Surly ur children wil have bright future

  17. loved the simplicity of your video.

  18. hi dhivya! where and how do you arrange kids stationery items? pls share!

  19. superb mam!I have watched almost all ur videos.I really wanna appreciate you for this thought.I also want to follow your concept.but how can I start with?

  20. very nice and simple
    it's so interesting to see an Indian life style. I'm.not Indian.

    what part of India are you from

  21. wow good a home with out tv . nice but how ur husband will not watch it .many have 2 or 3 tv in each room .tv steal our time.

  22. very nice what time u read books

  23. share ur grocery items storage I am very interesting for ur arranging method

  24. I too gave off my sofa to make space for my children

  25. Great peaceful space.

  26. Another very nice video – I love all the space used for the kids to play! I haven't had a TV for more than 5 years and never will get another one. I love the elephants – very stunning! You are starting your children off with a great habit of reading; it will serve them well for all their lives. Thanks for sharing with us!

  27. luv u dear…your all vedios are simply awesome…felling motivated aftr watching these..keep it 👍..

  28. Very simple and neat..
    love ur method no tv..

  29. TVs are overrated. You should definitely look into getting ethernet to connect your laptop to make the space safer for your son.

  30. Nice..