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Living Room| Kitchen| Bedroom| Interior Design By CEEBEE Design In Bangalore

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  1. Beautiful villa

  2. Old style!! Not good enough. 😑

  3. Starts at 1:26

  4. Very tacky

  5. That dining chandelier is gorgeous! Prettiest one I've ever seen! Where was it bought? How much?

  6. Just loved it….that white wall + greenery combination outside the house is very catchy for me..

  7. Beautiful

  8. Exterior is detailed well. Interiors couldn't match, guess the owner wanted intricate carvings. It's definitely not opulent.

  9. Siddharth Bhandari

    I love everything but not the kitchen part

  10. I think this is one of the most beautiful house i have ever seen.simply wow…

  11. Mam the stone cladding which you have done is it of tiles or wall panelling

  12. Hi Waiting for the full video

  13. U guys always surprise me, the living room is so beautiful and I just love mandir area and it's work. .u guys always rocks

  14. Price ???????????? Reply

  15. Omg the women's voice is so annoying!!

  16. Allstrong Pakyntein

    Will u married me I'll buy all

  17. dream home 😍😍

  18. Kitchen design 👌😀

  19. That large work in dining room… Becomes troublesome when we see it every day… Never go for over the top large patterns in such a small place… Takes away the calmness

  20. When u die, u can't carry this with u 🙁

  21. Nice ! But do check your translation is very funny…editing would help…..using the right words make sense.

  22. Beautiful beautiful

  23. How much is this???plz plz plz rply

  24. Mandir is awesome. Loved it. Nice work keep it up.

  25. Price?

  26. She almost wasted 1 minute of my time for her stupid introduction.

  27. Pooja room is beautiful.

  28. What is price

  29. Mandir is just wow👌👌

  30. Beautiful kitne sqft me bana h??

  31. The decor is way too heavy Mam, if it would have been a bit minimalist and the colour a bit toned down then it would be awesome

  32. Masha Allah beautiful nice

  33. christeena leonard

    May….be all this cost a lot of money……still can't afford it

  34. Felt too many characters at one place… Too flashy giving a kind of restaurant looks..just my opinion…may be few like this… But again neat work…

  35. Cee bee design,this was sheer poetry.so elegant so beautiful. how lucky you and your clients are.

  36. Sonam Firdosi Hazari

    So beautiful, should I imagine for a home like this, because the place where I am living is very expensive.

  37. Very old model interiors please get updated avoid dark colours don't do darker colours

  38. I luved the Indian touch

  39. Beautiful home. My dream

  40. Super awesome interiors once again..

    But mandir and stone glided wall is just 😘😍❤️

  41. How much price of this house? And with furniture

  42. Beautiful.plzz tell the size and the budget.

  43. Very nice video..nice photography

  44. U r awesome…..wana 2 c my vid ? https://youtu.be/TWyEPqHk_jg

  45. I like ur every idea for this house bt u used dark black or brown door..instead of white door..why..🤔🤔

  46. Animesh Chakraborty

    Good job. Nice design. Nice 3D work.

  47. Ugly

  48. beautiful house I am your new friend stay connected