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Lighting design home Interior ideas India l Ask Iosis Hindi

hi friends, in this video we talk about basics of lighting in Interior design ! This is one of the highly requested videos. This is part 1, shortly we will upload more videos on lighting with examples.
So keep watching & share this video with someone who’s planning to renovate their
space !

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  1. Very informative video. It is useful to me, as I m going to renovate my flat after diwali.thnx

  2. Falas ceiling ke Liye contact kare 7376181762 city kanpur

  3. Love you mem…

  4. Hi mama, kya hum white panel light ko ceiling ki jagah direct roof per laga sakte h ? Or uska kya method h? Plz reply.

  5. Your vedioes really knowledgeable for everyone…. thank you …

  6. Hi , your videos are so easy to understand, it gives so much of clear cut information that even a layman can understand.
    Also Can u plz make a video on type of wooden flooring their Pros & Cons and how its recommended procedure to apply in a home or office.
    There are no one video of an indian you tubers explaining all in one nutshell.
    Thanx and god bless you..👍

  7. Hi, please provide your email address for email questions

  8. Arun Kumar Abhinav

    Dear IOSIS Team, Today is 8th November 2018, I am still waiting for your reply. Please check your email and respond me.

  9. Ashrafi Tuition Modasa

    Happy Diwali & happy new year in advance

  10. How to fix track light? Please make a video on this.

  11. Ma'am Maine interior designing krri hai kya mujhe problem hogi job search krne mai? Kya degree walo ko jyada preference milti hai as compare to diploma holder?

  12. Arun Kumar Abhinav

    I sent you business lead but did not received reply till now. Please check your email.

  13. Nice info. Waiting for next videos with detail info about watts and number and distance between lights.
    How much distance should be maintained from wall for track lights on ceiling.

  14. Hiiii nihara…. Nice video

  15. punjab parkour family

    can you help about walk through and big scale lobby area lighting not important natural but bit required main for electric lighting not fall ceiling first in vertical member of the area in inner space thanks hope u under stand ….

  16. Mam… Warm white mein kids padhai Kar sakte Hain kya?

  17. Hi nihara… Good work.. happy dhanteras… I like when you fumble… continue this series

  18. Thank u so much Nihara for sharing useful information….May Allah bless u with lots of sucess & happiness…..always keep smiling 😄 Happy diwali 🎆🎇

  19. Hello Mam, can u make a video about placement of artifacts and photo frames😊

  20. Ankur Jain Gangwal

    ur smile so cute…

  21. Hello ma'am I'm an interior designer student and yours information is very useful for me thank you ma'am for your efforts ma'am😊

  22. 👌👌👌👌👌👌

  23. 👌👌👌 interesting subject

  24. Thanks a lot

  25. For general lighting if we installed daylight and coolwhite LED panel in a same room, is that gud?

  26. Make video on epoxy table

  27. Very nice and detailed information.. please also suggest and make a vedio on color of the paint in the house and it's effect on light in the house. Generally i have seen white paint for all the home where interior design has been done. This enhances the beauty of artifacts, lighting fixture, painting, furniture etc in the house. Thanks

  28. 1 lac conning soon !!!

  29. Wishing you Happy Diwali in advance

  30. Very nice very decorating . Decent

  31. Im yr fan from Pakistan really grt videos im going to shift in my new apartment yr videos are helping me a lot

  32. Please note
    3 different colors of lighting
    6500K cool white
    4000k neutral white
    3000k warm white

  33. Nice help full video ty

  34. Mam ghar paint ke baare mai bhi kuch idea dijiye iske baare mai video banayee…

  35. Hi nihara

  36. Awesome video ma'am, can u plz also explain chandelier lighting and also shed some light on sensor-based lighting where sensor technology detects movement inside the room and acts accordingly. For eg- When the light in the bedroom starts to dim automatically after 10pm or lights switch on and off when someone claps or voice-command controlled lighting. It'd be a tremendous help if u could provide information on its proper usage! Thanks for such wonderful videos! Love this channel a lot!!

  37. Arun Kumar Abhinav

    Dear Nihara Jee,
    Thanks a lot for educating students and needful people about Interior design through uploading video on interesting topic. I am very disappointed as I sent you query on your both emails but did not received reply in last 4 days.

  38. Shreeparna Roychowdhury

    Thank you ma'am

  39. pls give ur address and as well as ur charge fr renovating a room. or a house

  40. Bahut informative video. Deepawali ki agrim shubh kamnaye!!

  41. tell me about chandeliar light please.

  42. Akash kandil me konsa light pahije

  43. Happy diwali nice n helpful video

  44. nice information. pls do tour of ur projects.

  45. Good information 👌…

  46. Mast video….. !!!!!
    Happy Diwali your tim ….!!!!!!👌👌👌👌👍

  47. happy deepawli to all &
    good information, thanks

  48. Good work your smile is very nice happy dipawali

  49. Chandra Mohan Sharma

    क्या आप मुझे रेडिमेड किचन के बारे में जानकारी दे सकतीहै और कहाँ मिलती है एक और बात की काच के मोडुलर किचन के बारे में जानकारी दे सकते हैं

  50. Happy Diwali . Make video on water softener as huge amount has been spent by us without knowing the details as it's been recommended 2 be installed in our villa. With price n options available as well.