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  1. Im planning on doing the same thing to my childhood home.

  2. Laurie McCarthy

    Lovely model

  3. slow talkers are fascinating.

  4. The guy narrating this video sounds like Norm MacDonald.

  5. my only concern is since the foundation is made for 1 story house how did your city/county approved the 2nd story? I have $70K in hand to do addition and and interior remodeling, I just finished a 27'x20' foundation and columns from the front it's done to be able to carry 4 story I want to take that all the way to the back where I am very soon doing another foundation measuring 40'x26', the new foundation will be more than capable to carry even 6 story, my concern is the existing foundation, what other way can we make it strong enough to support the new construction?

  6. Great video. Great example of putting a box on top of the existing house for a nice second story. Four days sounds about right. With one expensive general and a group of friends, neighbors and high school boys to help, that shouldn't cost more than $30,000 – 35,000. I'd do all of the finishing touches myself to save a great deal since the roof flashing, drip edge, rain gutters, paint, etc. are so time-consuming.

  7. I didn't learn anything from this video except that you can use cranes to lift prefabs onto your existing structure.

  8. Around how much was this project

  9. wonderful

  10. turkmenistan kazakhstan

    is the second floor cemented along with the wall??


    What I would like to know is, how do they get the exterior plywood up to the 2nd floor level, hold it in place, and nail it. Did you still have the crane or is there a special trick?