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Learn How To Create Basic Laravel Website | Laravel 5 Tutorial | Projects In Laravel | Eduonix

Eduonix brings this exclusive video for you in which you will learn how to create a basic Laravel website. This series contains different aspects of Laravel such as routes, views, controller models, migrations and so on. In the end, you will be able to create your own website using Laravel 5.

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  1. This is the best compact course. I need this kind of tutorial to get a comprehensive perspective. Thank you very much.

  2. i try to create virtual host like this video.. but why its not working? i am using xampp 5.6.38. i have read the apache virtual host documentation, browsing at stackoverflow.. but all method there did not work for me

  3. hello, please bring some more project like dynamic and ecommerce site.

  4. a teacher from the god

  5. Amazing content! Thanks 🙂

  6. In case anyone has issues with Bootstrap not working properly, check in your package.json, you probably have the version 3.0.0. Upgrade it to 4.1.x (or whatever future version there will be after I post this comment) via npm install bootstrap@4.1.x –save-dev or some similar command AND you MUST change all dependencies manually in the project tree (a.k.a change all includes, google has plenty of guides on how to do this)

  7. You are using someone else content without giving them credit. WTH?

  8. 4:17 instead of seeing the Laravel page I get the "Your connection is not private" page, and it doesnt let me view it. Any suggestions?

  9. Thank you 🙂 your tutorial is really helpful!

  10. When I change the server into .dev, I cant access to it anymore, it shows on my browser that I must Login to the network or the network is not secure, how can I fix it? Thanks

  11. when i reun npm install command it is taking more than an hour and it stays at the same position and shows "fetchMetadata: sill resolveWithNewModule regenerator-transform@0.10.1 checking installable status" please help

  12. .dev extension why problem????????????????

  13. been getting err logs in using npm scripts. @.@

  14. Thank you so much for this!

    Amazing Video

  15. Stupid question, maybe.. wondering if i install this on my computer, but want the finished project uploaded to a webhost which "maybe" doesn't allow me to install "stuff"… 😉

    Can you copy paste the finished product to the root of my webspace @ the the webhost?

  16. Does anybody have a 419 error when submitting the form?

  17. why larvel don't have GUI. its command line interface frame work which is very difficult for nowadays modern world in which all frame work are just click drag and drop type.its difficult for today's students

  18. Hey Brad you are wonderful! How can i get a minified css/js using npm run watch?

  19. Please do more laravel projects using vagrant

  20. You made me love programming

  21. HI, I just started to learn laravel and I saw your tutorial. Now I understood the basics of laravel, Thank you sire to publish this tutorial, This is really nice… I want also tutorial for anguler 5, I knwo anguler 1 but not after 1 version…