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Affordable Interior Design – Interior Design Gallery 2014. This video is about examples design of ...


  1. Sax I vedeo

  2. English sun k hi pata chalta h bengoli h…

  3. why is everything white -_-

  4. 👌👌😍😍

  5. Pantry ki Panatree bola ? 😂😅😆

  6. Resistance 😂

  7. Haha what an accent and pronunciation.. par aapki beauty pe sab maaf.. .. plus she gave try its well appreciated..galti to sab se hoti hai..koshish kar rahe ho wahi badi baat hai..

  8. nice…………

  9. Nice Ass…

  10. Nice Designing By uuu..

  11. Aukat hindi ki hai to Hindi mein hi banata pura video

  12. mohammed fasiuddin

    why she is acting..y cant be natural

  13. I thought at the end she would say "yeh duniya bhi Hindustan Interiors ne hi banayi hai"!!

  14. when she says important instead of saying imported lol…

  15. Kasaram balakrishna reddy

    Interior Design very very nice and special door beautiful

  16. her aaa is so sexy

  17. price of this type of interior

  18. very nice

  19. ₹20000 EMI ले लेना पूरी जिंदगी

  20. कितने का पड़ेगा

  21. she is better off in hindi

  22. Beautiful…… 😍💋🌹. But not house 💃

  23. 9696969343


  24. very good

  25. assesseries kya hota hai sala hindi hi bolo

  26. dis is a byutipol.. lol annoying repetition of words.. learn proper english woman

  27. Great, superb design, i love all your design and all your work👍

  28. 1. resistance
    2. panitiry
    3. hellCD wall
    4. dauther
    5. artificial garden and 0% maintenance
    6. Dr neru at first nd shankar at last…
    worst presentation ever

  29. that was designed?

  30. please improve your english..

  31. greenary 0%mantenance mean?

  32. Typical Indian Mom


  33. nice booty…

  34. hindi me bolo yaar

  35. Initially she said residence of Mrs. Niru and at the end said house Mr. and Mrs. Shankar, btw the interior is very good and the presenter too.

  36. Nice video but very bad interpretation, especially her English

  37. Those people who passed comments on her English belongs to group of unsuccessful people ,
    because all of you focus on her mistakes instead of her presentation or interior.
    Every successful person does mistakes.

  38. wanna bang that irresistible big booty ,,

  39. how much cost for this same project

  40. house is super but explanation is poor

  41. i love d dining area

  42. मेडम हिंदी मे बोला करो 🙏🙏🙏

  43. vry nic video

  44. great design I love

  45. Badroom is verry beutifulle

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