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  1. Very nice and very useful organisation thanks. keep rocking dear .🍢🍢🍜🍜🍰🍰🍨🍨🍹🍶☕🍸👍👍👍

  2. nice . part2 podunga

  3. Very nice da👍😙one small suggestion dear kindly don't use newspaper for shelves it will get u too much cockroaches instead pls get wall sticker types for slabs n paste it available in town hall saravana stores da 🤗

  4. lovely kitchen uma muthu

    Paper poduga

  5. Silver tup la enna vachi erukinga

  6. ColorfulHome Tamil

    Wow super 😍 full and full steel quality… ☺️

  7. Nallaruku

  8. Mythili's Retro Recipes

    Very neatly organised dear. Pls stay connected

  9. Part 2 seekram podunga sis

  10. Nice Video…but plz put even the snacks in glass bottle…..plz avoid plastics for your health sake…👍👍👍

  11. Super dear well organized

  12. Nice organisation mam thanks for sharing

  13. innovation innovation

    Super ah irkku mam

  14. You tube la first pathathu onga kitchen video..pa apram neega video podave ela pa… epa pathaum i am very very..happy…

  15. Mathimithra Mithran

    kitchen mates use pannigganna pakka innum semmaya irukkum mam , but simply supper dear😘😘😘

  16. Nice arrangement neat organisation, which to buy there tapas super beautiful design, pls, mention there price

  17. super sister nice organisation sister

  18. Very nice organisation


    Very nice

  20. Simply super neat ah irukku

  21. Nachammai Saravanan

    Super. Simple ah irunthalum neat ah iruku.neengalum romba natural ah pesuringa.

  22. romba neat ah organise pannirukinga dear…👌😍😍

  23. Avoid plastic snacks box

  24. En payanam ungaludan

    Superrrrrr dear simple and cute….. Tfs stay connected new frnd

  25. Good and neat kitchen

  26. Very nice organization sister

  27. Snacks box idea super

  28. Please dry the vessels and kept
    Size difference s good idea dear

  29. Ruthyathish Gopinath

    Nice da romba neat ah vachuirrukenga by anithagopinath

  30. Nallathai Maharajan

    Nice and neat

  31. amutha thiravitha

    Thank you for your reply

  32. Nasrin Kadher Hussain


  33. amutha thiravitha

    Neat organization PL up load home tour

  34. yogeshwari SenthelKumar

    So nice organized….super really looking good

  35. Vimala tamil channel

    No use plastic

  36. En ulagam En veedu