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Kitchen Design Ideas on a Budget

Kitchen remodeling on a budget? Learn where to save and spend on about kitchen plans with this video. Full project details, here: http://low.es/10RgcI1

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  1. worth the "spend", do you mean outlay?

  2. While I like your other ideas, I'm a big DIYer, I think it's wrong choice on the rounded edges countertop. Rounded edges mean as soon as liquid spills, it immediately rolls off the counter and under and down onto the cabinets. Where a more straight edge, at least with smaller spills, the liquid stops at the edge. For larger spills, that fall off the edge, since the edge is deeper than the cabinets, the liquid falls to the floor rather than run right down the front of the cabinets.

  3. what color is the cabinet

  4. I love everything about the transformation except for the backsplash tile. It is very, very busy and overwhelms the space, imho.  The tiles also don't go with the more traditional style of the cabinets, and rather draw attention to the fact that the cabinets and tile were installed in different "eras". I think that if a more "subtle" tile was used,  it would have looked absolutely gorgeous and more elegant, and have been worthy of a design magazine "makeover".  As it is, it looks like "oh what a shame they ruined it with such an obnoxious, "bossy" backsplash tile." Folks–check out the gorgeous kitchens on Houzz or similar design sites and you will see what I mean. The most popular, well designed high-end kitchens you will see have more subtle backsplash tiles. Busy mosaic tiles might be appropriate in a very contemporary styled kitchen, where the simple lines and very "plain" features of the cabinets and furnishings need some "pop", and the strong lines and colors don't have anything else to compete with.
     The mosaic tiles used in the above kitchen may, in and of themselves, be beautiful, but, like jewelry, it can be overdone, and you wouldn't want to walk out of the house with a jewel encrusted gown, (unless you were going to your coronation maybe!) 
     Just my 2 cents.