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Kitchen Design Ideas – Country Kitchen Tour

Todays video is a tour of my Kitchen and Dining area.
You’ll be able to see where some of the previous shows projects have been displayed.

Thanks for watching.
Feel free to leave any comments, questions, or ideas.
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  1. Wondering what the process was on painting your kitchen cabinets?

  2. such an elegant traditional country kitchen !

  3. Thanks for sharing. Looks country:)

  4. Michelle Beighley

    I have always wanted to decorate with telephone insulators, but I have never been able to think of an original idea. Some people use theme for candle holders .

  5. I have some old telephone insulators that are very pretty, but I don't know what to do with them….Can you please help 🙂 Thanks

  6. christopher felipe

    very cluttered

  7. Awe!! This is so comfy like! I love it!

  8. beautiful I am just starting to prim mine so far I have done a cupboard thx for all your tips

  9. what a beautiful kitchen 🙂

  10. kitchencabinetvalue

    The collectables really make this kitchen.

  11. i love it so much

  12. Jamie's Simple Life

    I absolutely love this, I imagine your home looks amazing. My husband hates country stuff but if he left me I would decorate like your house, so homey and inviting, love it!

  13. i really like the quotes and the warm feeling in your home.It feels so welcoming and cozy.

  14. I was wondering what brand of paint you used on your cabinets…..they look awesome! I have decided to do that to my cabinets as well…do you have any advice for me that will help them turn out as nice as yours?

  15. Michelle Beighley


  16. Very pretty kitchen–so homey!

  17. I love it all!

  18. Then why are you here watching? I understand that everyone is different. Maybe you have a more modern taste which some think is a cleaner look. Just wondered what you expected to see in a video of country decor. Your comment just sounds kinda mean.

  19. Love your kitchen. So cozy and inviting.

  20. Michelle Beighley

    The best way to get started on a budget is to look at your local Goodwill,or thrift store. They will have old mason jars,and sometimes if your lucky you will find some Country decorations. Also don't be afraid to go your Antique shop the junkier the better,they will have old crates and wash basins. Sometimes you will run across a real good Treasures. Also look at Walmart or Target. Target will sometimes have folk art Country pictures. Look in there kitchen area. Hope this helps.

  21. HI,
    I have a question , I love this look I live in a mini home an so far the only thing I have is a rooster picture an red gingham cutrtain on my window and in my cupboard with french door on it can you help me out? I want to cvarry it all through the home but not sure how I would love your in put.

  22. oh so cozy, warm and inviting! im inspired! Thanks for sharing michelle!

  23. too much junk, materialistic. less is more.

  24. Michelle Beighley

    thank you

  25. At Home with Heather

    Love your Kitchen and Dining Room! I wish I had space on top of my cabinets for fun decor but sadly do not.