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  1. Mike Bouwmeester

    Kasitas are mobile and are relatively simple and fast to install. Like anything, they will depreciate and become more affordable as they age. It appears to me that the 1st batch of Kasitas is smaller than anticipated. The per unit price likely had to be more expensive.

    Any ideas on financing?

  2. How is this affordable? 140,000 is not affordable.

  3. "You have me at the puppy scene" Wow a tiny house with a REAL toilet?! Yippee! Why is the video pale and ashy? Please add a soaking tub!or I could build it myself using SIPs for roof and siding.

  4. why would I pay 135k when I can buy a shipping container for 4k or less ?

  5. way-way too much money for what you get- especially considering it is US dollars…..I could design my own here in Canada and hire the tradesmen to build me a custom home with appliances for easily half the price they are advertising, actually for 60% less what they are asking for 300 square feet – ridiculous – keep the corporate developers out of the equation….lets keep tiny house construction for those who need it most not for some greedy developer who sees a niche to make a quick buck like the guy who started up Kasita –

  6. fuck the TV, but other than that i'd live there

  7. Does anybody know if that couch could be bought ?

  8. great music

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