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zwcad #india #housedesign Be a part of #Aishwaryambuilder If you are #architects, #Civilengineers or #contractors ...


  1. Gained aproval of his herd 😀 : D

  2. woodhouse?

  3. Accurate!!

  4. Is this actually David Attenborough or is there a wizard on this channel

  5. Why does this not have millions of views? This is amazing!

  6. Where is the Black wolf Rock'n'Roll Alienware Developer ?

  7. This is absolutely hilarious! XD

  8. That was funny…

  9. Corey Grandmaison Archive

    please more!

  10. wait, what is the bright thing all over the place ? Is it called 'light' ?

  11. WTF , this is just happened to me hahha

  12. Cheeesus… can u do a classroom environment.. most preferably in high school n college😊

  13. 1:55 Argh let me google the bug

  14. The guy with all the coke is on a warpath to get obese quick.

  15. I was laughing my ass off, good work lads!

  16. Classic

  17. Unrealistic, no Indians in sight.

  18. And now we all want a pet developer. But don't forget to take care of him with the right nutrition!

  19. Windows… Seems fake .-.

  20. Where's the one with mechanical keyboard, preferably Cherry MX Blue based, that brings machine gun-like, Vietnam-flashback triggering sounds to the environment?

    Oh wait that one's me

  21. "Error pushing to branch: unsolved merge conflicts"

  22. haha sounds like a discovery channel show

  23. That push will make a work for rest of the herd —> because no testing at all 🙂