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Interior Design- YouTube Fan Hires Robeson Design #4, Season 3

http://robesondesign.com Interior Design, Interior Decorating Ideas, Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson and team meet new clients for the first time. Clients who found Robeson Design through their popular Christmas Decorating videos on YOUTUBE! Tour the 6500 sq. ft. home and see how Rebecca and staff interact with their clients. Get the latest update on the LaJolla Terrace project and meet the newest member of the Robeson Design Team!
Keep an eye out… 2014 Christmas videos coming next Monday at noon…PST

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Note* Examples of Ana’s work were completed while working with Ryan Young Interiors.

This channel focuses on the life of Interior Designer Rebecca Robeson and the fabulous team of designers and support staff that make up this successful Southern California Design Firm.
Videos include: Day to day office antics surrounding the team as they create some of the worlds most fabulous homes. You will see Shopping for furniture, Sofa, room layout, Sketch up, Small spaces, Contest, Tiny space decorating, Kitchen decorating, Kitchen cabinets, HOUZZ, Area rugs, Wood flooring, cool faucets, built ins, TV cabinets, accessorizing, Window Treatments, furniture placement, countertops, fireplace, lighting, modern design ideas, modern home, family home, beautiful homes,
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and exclusive music provided by Jimmy Robeson
Videography by Matthew Moran
Editing by Dorian Tucker

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Special Thanks to Aja Rugs LaJolla Ca. for the fabulous Area Rug hanging on the wall behind Rebecca. From the Robeson Design Rug Collection.

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  1. Under the lights!

  2. I simultaneously love seeing your process and high end work, and feel a little grossed out by a family of three living in 6500 square feet.

  3. Wall # !.

  4. Is there follow up updated videos for this home?

  5. wall 2 because of view

  6. have just watched this video again and I was wondering is this house done now Rebecca? I really cant wait for the reveal of this house 🙁

  7. If a person is a Pagan or a Muslim, why would you put a Christian scene above their fireplace? 🙂 Got to ask first :)))

  8. WALL 2 .Because you always make symmetry in your designs.so the windows are put in symmetrical order. anyone who is in the bed can easily look to the out door view.

  9. I didn't think Rebecca would be a diva and trash the clock.

  10. For privacy wall #2, but for the good view wall #1 😉😆

  11. Rosalinda Bronnenberg

    Thanks so much for , putting season and # on the show. I usually get lost. The year would be great too

  12. Is there a video about the finished project?
    Would love to see how the girl's room turned out!

  13. ohhh nooo! i didn't notice wall#2 is symmetrical. my bad.

  14. I literally paused the video n answering your question lol. My favorite Rebecca Robson will choose wall #1 which faces the view and on wall# 2 Rebecca will do her miracles!! let's see if I'm right.

  15. Núm.2

  16. I just love you Rebecca you are so awesome!!

  17. hi rabeca I just love ur personality. me ur fan frm pak

  18. Yes. I was correct. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  19. Wall 2. Because of the matching Windows each side. That's my guess!! 💯. Now I'm going to watch, and I'm going to be wrong. Lol

  20. Prateek Srivastava

    One. Pretty sure.

  21. light wall !

  22. Wall number one

  23. Wall number one

  24. As for the empty frame-like shape over the fireplace, I would take the measurements, stick a mirror in there and then put some staggeringly awesome scones on either side.

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