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Interior Design – You Won’t Believe This Home Is Only 1,100-Square-Feet!

See inside designer Cameron MacNeil‘s small yet spacious 1930s home. Discover how he created a bright and airy space by making the most of every square foot.

Cameron stuck to a palette of blues and greys throughout the home, inspired by his bathroom renovation. He maximized space in the layout by swapping the location of the living room and the kitchen. Smart storage and furniture choices make the 10′ x 12′ bedroom feel larger than it is, while original wood trim and doors add a rustic feel. A headboard wrapped in a bold ikat print by Schumacher adds a pop of pattern. The all-white kitchen, though small, is extremely functional with heavy-duty storage, like ceiling-height cabinetry and a small pantry next to the refrigerator. In the living room, large french doors stream natural light, while minimal furnishings allow a large gallery wall around the TV to steal the show.

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  1. I think this is a great home

  2. I Really Like This House!!! It is Very rare I like the interior design of the homes on this channel. I like everything from the seagrass carpeting to the dark walls upstairs. I Cannot Stand dark wall color, but I think this works bc of the blue and grey tones used in the other rooms. Plus there's a sun tunnel (which I have never heard of before today) that brightens the walls. If I had to pick something I didn't like it would have to be those 60+ y/o dinning room chairs. Just bc u put a fun pattern on the seat cushion doesn't mean we can't see those 80 y/o chair backs. Those chairs go w/nothing but grandma's doilies. OH! I also don't like those large, flat, grey sofa pillows. Blah! You're an interior decorator. You couldn't take those flat pancakes to a fabric place and have them add more pillow filler to fluff out the pillows?!

  3. Oy I'm Talking to You

    Great Video! Yes huge by sydney standards too for apartment

  4. It is lovely.

  5. as n interior designer myself you nail it .its absolutely gorgeous 🙂

  6. Very nice looking home. Nice design, free of clutter

  7. I love this!

  8. I live in the UK in an above average home and it's about this size

  9. where's the plan

  10. It is a huge size home
    What else you need, a stadium ?

  11. Lovely. Add some antiques / art ornaments purchase while vacationing and it will even make the place look better and upscale it.

  12. where are you going to store stuff??

  13. Nice house. Sober design.

  14. nice!

  15. do real people live like this? everything is do neat…almost sterile.

  16. The pastel colors are abominable. The gray, hideous. Really jarring inconsistencies in the finishes and materials. Underwhelming decor. Visually anesthetizing

  17. Nice. I especially like the television wall. Although the set was huge, it fades from notice amid all the interesting art work. Also, love the Chippendale chairs.

  18. This is a place with design and taste without being sterile and cold

  19. Awesome house!

  20. my flat is 1850 sq ft. this still looks bigger than mine. Maybe coz mine is cluttered

  21. I resent this being called "only 1100sqft". I live in an apartment the same size which is enormous for most cities. We have four bedrooms. My bedroom is the size of the kitchen. Call this what it is, a luxury one bedroom.


  23. I like small homes ,easy to clean

  24. Your house looks amazing!

  25. After asking around quite a bit, a house is considered on a small side 1,200 sq. feet and Under. I live in a 2800 square foot house now, so this is definitely much smaller. We're going to a 1500 sq. foot apartment in a month or so. Got rid of more than half our crap. I cannot wait. I feel like I can breathe again. Funny how getting rid of stuff we don't need does this.

  26. I would like to know more about the doors such as brand. We have a large door we need to replace and they are so pricey.

  27. Too perfect , lack charm and a ' je ne sais pas'!

  28. love the wall paint

  29. Lovely!

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