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Interior Design Trends 2017

Click this link (https://karladreyerdesign.leadpages.co/interior-design-trends-for-2017/) to get your free copy of my Top 10 Interior Design Trends for 2017 guide.

I hope you enjoy my interior design tutorial on 2017 Interior Design Trends.

With love, Karla Dreyer of Karla Dreyer Design.

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  1. Zarina Stella Drejer

    Maybe we are familly too,I have a name like you?

  2. I've used velvet and dark colors for years. I can't say I follow trends since I've been doing this for about 10 years.

  3. TheStylishEngineVLOG

    Look at this on eBay:


    Pop Art Pillowcases Woven Cotton Linen, Cover Decor Pillowcase

  4. I like your channel and I subscribed. The only tip I have is the music. It's a little annoying and I can't hear you very good.

  5. I need more photos…

  6. I would think u could show some ideas. pics are always better than words. Why are u showing light colors in your back ground? I would like to see some of these rich dark colors you are talking about.

  7. Just stumbled upon your channel and subscribed! Speaking to the `darker colors`, years ago I painted my living room a deep, rich navy blue (Benjamin Moore`s Hale Navy). It has been a color choice that I`ve never regretted. It`s a gorgeous color that pairs well with just about any color you could name. It doesn`t make my living room look smaller, quite the opposite. The darker blue color recedes and blurrs the bounderies making you think the room goes on forever. I adore the darker tones! Also, I`m a fan of mixing metals. The navy blue is the perfect foil! Thank you for all the good info, I`ll be checking back! : )

  8. Hi I was wondering why are u presenting 2017 trends and ur background is light grey hues ? Not following trend ?

  9. would like to see less of you and more of the product you are talking about, girl!

  10. Cynthia McQueen

    First time here…first impressions: better lighting so we don't see shadows behind you and you're a designer, show us designs with tons of photos, at least 3-5 for each trend. You're pretty, but I go to design videos to see what other people do to get ideas, so I want to see the design and you can speak over it. I think you'll see lots more subscribers. I'll come back once more, hope to see changes. ;-). Best of luck!

  11. Hi Karla, Great design tips for 2017! Have a successful and fun 2017!!! Cheers, GGG

  12. hy cam u plzzz help me out

  13. Very informative video!! but my personal opinion is like so, that the size of the reference photograph is way smaller compared to the available screen size.. It felt like emphasis was on host more than the matter to be conveyed… Adding more pictures with voice over would have made it more effective..

  14. Ohh I now love your videos! Never seen before, ran into it once I searched greenery color!
    BTW I love the cork walls haha its a great way to pin stuff you like haha its funny that you obviously dont like it 😛

  15. photos and more examples if you want me to ever come back…..i had the impression you just read a BH&G and reguritated info here

  16. Trend number 11 using the word "incorporate " too much .

  17. Black! And the black windows!

  18. thanks but can you add more photos so that people can see examples

  19. Liked your choices. Happy to know that I am incorporating most of them and have for years. So, I finally caught up with the trends, or they caught up with me! Thank you.

  20. Thanks for the tips, btw mud-cloth is West African.

  21. Philosophy majors? What say you?

  22. on point but these have been trending for a while now, maybe they will start to become more mainstream in 2017

  23. Karla Dreyer Design

    Which is your favourite trend?

  24. Herb Eibensteiner

    Great tips for 2017!