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Interior Design – Transitional Home for Todays Modern Family

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Interior Design, Interior decorating ideas, How to decorate your home, Traditional homes used to be stuffy and boring. San Diego’s Top Interior Designer, Rebecca Robeson, takes this house from out of date… to Today’s Modern Transitional style. See the clients reactions and walk step by step through the design process to the final reveal of this Extreme Home Makeover.
All of the rooms shown here are exclusive Robeson Designs and are not “borrowed” from other sources!
Designs for every room of the house are included so you are likely to find living room designs, kitchens, home office designs, baths, bedroom designs and even kids space design in this and other Robeson Design videos. Hope you enjoy this!

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Music by: Scott Robeson . . a Robeson Design original

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  1. Flight Of Spice Blog

    A nice place is lifechanging

  2. Just love ur fabulous work…if I ever come to San Deigo …would love to meet u

  3. so beautiful !

  4. my daughter want to meet you to do her room?

  5. I love they way you design it how much cost

  6. We're do you get furniture like living room and bedroom furniture ?

  7. THE MOHY المها

    amazing love it

  8. These rooms, in 2016, still look beautifully decorated and look like they should be featured in a decorating magazine. I have learned many things from you, and Sharra too, about how to create focal points, flow, balance, and other pearls of decorating wisdom. I have watched a few decorating videos of other people on You Tube and NONE compare to yours. You give me so much inspiration and I want to thank you for your time and willingness to share your gift of being able to transform ugly ducklings into swans.

  9. I have been looking for this house/video. Was wondering if I missed out something. It does not look like 7 years ago. You did use your magic wand again. 🙂

  10. Wow!!!

  11. Beautiful ……

  12. Words can't describe how exquisite your work is. BRAVO! BELLISIMO !

  13. Easter 2016 and still fresh-sigh!

  14. Can't believe this was seven years ago 😱 looks fantastic

  15. Gorgeous! This is truly my style!

  16. I LOVE your style!!! Can you please come to my house and work your magic?!!!! 🙂 xo

  17. Mai Beauty Insight

    Omg I love your work so much! I'm buying a house in a few months, only if you do come to Cananda. I love to have you designing my new $450k home…I watched and follow all your videos back in 2014 till now. So worth it to hire you. <3

  18. I'm IN LOVE with the idea of placing 4 chairs facing each other!

  19. I love it so classy yet modern!

  20. Timeless comfort just perfect.

  21. Looooovvve it !!!

  22. That living room was perfect Rebecca! Can't wait until I locate my new home, you'll be the one I call first! So in love with the color patterns in this home. Fabulous job!

  23. Absolutely beautiful! Still stylish, still current in 2015, and probably for a good many years to come. Rebecca you are so talented!

  24. I just love the transformation. How awesome is your idea. Just amazing.  

  25. 👍👍👍👏👏👏 you are amazing I love it

  26. WOW!!! STUNNING!!! I LOVE YOUR STYLE!!! FABULOUS!!   I REALLY enjoying watching your redesign videos and Christmas decorating videos.  They are VERY inspirational! You are TRULY gifted in this area! 

  27. Is that Greyson? who is painting?

  28. Im in new york,but my family could afford this though

  29. that's a first time i've seen this reveal, and i watched it twice. i loved how the before and after pictures show a tremendous difference. i love the art works above the kitchen cabinets, that's so pretty and clever. great kitchen makeover. i love what you did to allow for symmetry on the fire place wall. i was so curious what would you do on this wall – it was so asymmetrical and odd looking to begin with, but it turned out so great. the office is so beautiful too..

  30. Rebecca, can you share a video on your very signature style window treatments with the deep valences that almost appear to be hand painted with the large graphic details? Including proportions, how they are mounted and hardware? I'm a Northern Cal designer and I really admire your work and your unique gift for sharing your knowledge and passion for design!!!

  31. amazing beautiful ))

  32. Very good!

    Except the TV is too high! plus a TV must never be above a fireplace

  33. Hi Rebecca, how do u change the  color of wood furniture?

  34. Fabulous! I love it!

  35. Ivan E. DeGonzalez

    Love how everything came out. You did a great job in bringing that modern touch with a traditional twist. I enjoy the video very much. Like always another great job.

  36. Amazing!!

  37. Carolina Araujo Ordaz

    Wow it looks amazing. It has style, glamour, confort, everything. The things is how much does this cost? specially all designed by a profesional. Amzing, love it.