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Interior Design – Tour A Sophisticated Modern Country Home

Country meets city in this sophisticated space by designer Ali Budd of Ali Budd Interiors. See how she created an open-concept main floor for a young family that tastefully merges the two aesthetics.

The homeowners wanted their home to look like a cottage, so Ali elevated the style with modern pieces to inject some urban flair to the space. A classic, all-white kitchen with a breakfast nook boasts glass cabinetry, marble subway tile backsplash and a custom eat-in banquet. Adjacent to the kitchen is the dining room, where a large reclaimed wood dining table is paired with formal chairs against an exposed brick accent wall. For comfort, Ali chose large furnishings in the laid-back living room, and added built-ins for storage and display shelves around the fireplace.

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  1. I'm starting to detest the "open concept " . As a realtor I go through these homes with this huge rectangle of living room, dining room, and kitchen. I call it the two car garage. Granted, when the interior is done professionally it can look inviting, however when this open space is put together by non-pros it can look pretty bad.

  2. Where the bed rooms..?????

  3. Rosalind Kincannon

    Would love this for my home ♥️

  4. What material have you used in the countertops and white dining table

  5. Beautiful

  6. Marilyn bouziane

    I absolutely love it, but I love walls too…

  7. if I'm paying a designer to give me "white and sterile", I want "white and sterile"! Not everyone likes a bunch of color to bore them in 2 years. There are many people who prefer to add color in small doses or none at all. Some of you color lovers should pay a designer to do your colorful house and show it to us.

  8. Clara Krisch Torbisco

    never really liked white spaces but this totally changed my mind!!! love the brick, and the pops of colour.

  9. So much vocal burn that I'm now deaf from stabbing my own ear drums.

  10. beautiful! I'd love to see the bedrooms and bathroom

  11. No, the kitchen doesn't pop – it's bland. Boring and bland like the rest of the place. What is it with these so called designers who make everything white or off white? Do they not understand about colour or how colour works in a room? Some real colour on the walls, along with some real furniture (not this Ikea crap) could have done so much more for this place.

  12. All the rooms are so white and boring. Every home I know is decorated this way. No individuality or personality.

  13. I love the cottage style. how many ft Sq is it?

  14. The kitchen is cute, what about the living room? Dining Room video… Table with chairs…. Show FAMILY space for actual kids, toys, shoes, coats and bookbags for the way REAL families live…

  15. …but first, lemme take a selfie club music intensifies

  16. I'm thinking colorful accents can be added to break up the white. I love neutrals because I frequently change accent colors, accessories, window treatments, etc.

  17. I love a white kitchen but the whiteness went a bit far for me in the living area.  I do love the layout though and the dining area.

  18. Love the white kitchen, but I hate huge coffee tables like this one. It's annoying to have to navigate around them to get to the comfy sofa.

  19. I would like to know the source for the built in banquet?

  20. nice!

  21. Arabella Davis/Tried &True.

    I like this very much– I would have done it in black and white with touches of red and blue-and glass and chrome- the dining table in glass for sure. 🙂

  22. Roberta Rodriguez

    doesn't really comes out as cottage feel but nice place

  23. Too much white gives it an institutional feel.

  24. never fail with white

  25. This designer says "country" like its a dirty word.

  26. This designer says "country" like its a dirty word.

  27. I usually don't like the "shabby chic" looks, but this one is very classy.

  28. Very neat. What is the name of that dinning room painting, looking for that? It's a great selection.

  29. Design is nice, voice is terrible , extremely terrible !

  30. Beautiful

  31. Needs more colour. Perhaps in the wall décor. 😉

  32. I like these videos but I'm disappointed in the designers' inability to speak well. Maybe Canadian design schools could teach speech and grammar.

  33. Oh my gaaaawd. Like, how she talks is super annoying??? I can't even last through the whole video? Oh my god…

  34. like ohh my gosshhh! Thats how this lady talks. Her voice is super annoying

  35. Too white and too dull not inspirational or cozy