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Interior Design – Tour A Gorgeous Home With Global Style

Designer Grace Castaneda shares a globally-inspired space that represents her client’s love of travel. See her smart take on global style that balances souvenirs with modern accessories.

Since the client is an avid traveler and racked up quite the collection of souvenirs, display space was key. Grace used a set of gold etagere bookshelves in the living room, along with a Chinese chest-style cabinet to cover up the radiator – which also became a space to showcases pieces. Decorative dining room chairs and pillows made out of the fabric from Indian blankets add to the exotic vibe. The pattern found on the Mexican cement tiles in the foyer and kitchen backsplash are repeated throughout the home.

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  1. Quiet nice. However.. 'Global' might not be the best way to describe it. It looks completely American.

  2. Votre Santé Financière

    Africa is not a country…. And different countries in Africa have different cultures.

  3. Good job!

  4. Love everything except for that pendant in the formal living room.

  5. Demyana's Mix دميانه

    wooooow 😍

  6. I am not well traveled. I have often wondered how people who are well traveled get their items back in the U.S. Especially an item the size of that big ole hand pierced ornament in the back of the house. That thing is huge!! Looks like something Macy's would use in a window. This house was beautifully decorated. I love what the decorator did! My only concern is over time will the étagères in the living room date the space. Brass doesn't seem to hold as a trend for too long.

  7. beautiful!!!

  8. I just dread watching traditional homes, plus it looks to cluttered. I love more of a modern, contemporary, clean lines, open and airy look.

  9. Felix Szehan Wang

    this is really gorgeous.

  10. Finally a well-spoken, genuine designer! Minimal bs lingo

  11. Love all the Mexican tile!

  12. The shelving in the living area seemed to take over? Maybe better not so deep or ?? Something just didn't gel with with those for me, personally. But lovely and very tasteful and the tie in with patterns was so nicely done. =) Great ideas to be had. Thanks!

  13. tacky

  14. Beautiful! I always love Grace's work 🙂

  15. Made in India, Mexico, China, Africa. One of these things is not like the other, Africa is a continent not a country 😒

  16. LOVE it! very inspiring..

  17. very great style love it :P:D


    What is that red wall decor above the mantel? I just love it.

  19. It is beautiful, but I feel that it lacks warmth. Perhaps its my preference for some natural elements like plants and wood grain, but it certainly is not a universally appealing home. Which is sort of the point, I suppose, as it is an art gallery for one person's experience in which she happens to live.

  20. urghhh what is this fascination with white walls 😕

  21. SevenDaysofStyle

    This is so gorgeous, I really feel her sense of travel.

  22. Inspired and in love! 😍

  23. Sandy Sanzenbacher

    This is so beautiful. I love your style!!!!

  24. j