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Interior Design – Tour A Farmhouse-Inspired Family Room & Kitchen

A 17-foot addition solves a young family’s need for more light and space in their recently purchased home. See how designer and art gallery owner Alison Milne added authentic farmhouse charm to the newly built area with vintage accessories and rustic details.

The homeowners wanted a space that functioned for the entire family, where they could be in the kitchen and watch the kids doing their homework or playing. The transitional space offers just that. To achieve a comfortable cottage-like feel that still looked contemporary, Alison incorporated modern accents in addition to vintage decor. She mixed grey shaker cabinets with beadboard panelling in the kitchen, and added mesh detailing for textural interest. Wide plank floors in a natural honey color add to the farmhouse vibe, while old barnwood finishes and painted brick walls provide warmth and richness to the space.

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  1. Love that vintage toilet door idea. I think I might look into doing that this weekend. Seems like an easy change once you find the right door.

  2. Hello, can you tell me where to find those counter stools?

  3. My favorite part is the mudroom

  4. I love it. Perfect!

  5. I love the cabinet color ! What is the name and brand ?

  6. I have watched about 20 of these design videos back to back now one thing i noticed apart from small wall here or there these designer's don't seem to know there are other colors in paint besides white

  7. Karla Dreyer Design

    Beautiful space!!

  8. There comes a point when…neutral colors just become, boring.
    Nice, but there is no personality whatsoever.

  9. my fave part of this video was the little deep blue/navy downstairs loo, with the ornate gold mirror and gold taps. I love small rooms that feel like you're opening a jewellery box. Unique and unexpected, I'd rather the video was just about that!

  10. Sooo amazing. Absolutely obsessed. That paint color for the kitchen is killer. And I loved the vintage detail on the washroom door.

  11. I know H&H has a certain design aesthetic, and I appreciate a clean style, but how do you find so many designers who all work in white and gray? Never a flower, a splash of color, a fun throw pillow. Do they all attend the same university and study under one professor? Is white and gray sweeping Canada? From Toronto to Vancouver, from "rustic farmhouse" to "luxurious condo," everything is white cabinetry, white subway tile, white walls, no curtains and gray sectional sofas. In a cold country, you need some warmth in these spaces. It makes me want to buy a huge canvas and just splatter color all over it.

  12. A S T Y L E R E E L by Shannon Kylí

    I like the bones, the flooring, the built in shelves, the cabinets. Did not like the furniture choice or the decor. Very stark and just plain. Pile some plush fluffy throws & pillows on the sofa!

  13. I love the black and white photo/painting on the metallic desk.

  14. Beautifully and tastefully done! One of my all-time favorites on this channel!

  15. Ignacio Martínez Argüello

    I like it, but it looks like the rest of the all white kitchen with subway tile backsplash and wooden details… the only original thing was the toilette with some color and personality.

  16. Love The open concept of The living, kitchen and dining! Great job

  17. Those breakfast bar stools are so cool! Love how bright the kitchen area is. 🌞

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