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Interior Design — Top 10 Trends Of 2017

Editor-in-chief Beth Hitchcock and interiors director Meg Crossley reveal what’s hot in furniture, flooring, tile, art and color. From mirrored coffee tables to moody murals and brand new looks, find out which trends have staying power and which ones we think are fun for now. You’ll discover the top 2017 interior design trends in this must-watch guide to decorating now and for years to come.

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  1. Open ended COUNTER TOPS were very popular in the 50's, so an opened ended ISLAND is just a twist on that. Murals; popular in the 70's; again, just a new twist on them.  LOVE the Nomadic Modern!  Blue is my favorite so I'll always have blue in my home somewhere.  Thanks for the post; you two are darling and I appreciate the information.

  2. Too much talking.

  3. Annoying video. The design trends should be the center of attention, not you.

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  8. This is a great video….fun to watch and informative…….thank you Beth and Meg!

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  10. I love this , it really gets my undiscovered yet enthusiastically determined interior designer cogs turning. Great comments !

  11. fate cacare.

  12. I've NEVER even heard of Nomadic Modern but it is sooo LOVELY!!!!!
    Its a good design for people who dont know what they want and its flexible with the things they already own

  13. hehe love these two!

  14. The coffee table is very bittersweet for me. I have mixed feeling of loving the look while simultaneously dreading the fingerprint marks.

  15. wow really nice stuff

  16. Great video , you guys have good chemistry !

  17. This video felt like it was 20min long for some reason i dunno

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  20. Love blue have some in my home, no blue walls though. Hate the slipper chair, not comfortable with no arms, also hate the tall backs on these old style chairs.

  21. They are very professional ! I learn a lot from this video.

  22. Cool Video Unique Stuff

  23. Very interesting

  24. So informational! Love the mirrored table, open ended island and agree that it has staying power, the french blue and agree with them that it has staying power and the high country… always love the country look 🙂


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  27. "Want some?" -"Meh.." 😂😂😂😂

  28. am i the only one who things the penny tiles are ugly?

  29. can give a clear definition of style wise!!

  30. keep doing it, could learn a lot of today style

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