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Interior Design — Timeless Character-Filled Century Home Renovation

On http://houseandhome.com/tv, designer Ingrid Oomen solves the dilemma of how to update a century home for modern life while maintaining the innate character. See how she preserved cherished elements such as leaded glass windows, a marble fireplace and gumwood paneling, yet made her Toronto home contemporary.

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  1. 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  2. Boring and dull, pleasse!!!

  3. Horrible

  4. white and  brown white and  brown in every room. If  you  want  old  country  cozy  you  need  muted  yellows,  bright blues,  greens  and  of  course  red! This  looks  like  a  showroom   cookie  cutter  house… Lacks  personal  charm  and  warmth.  And  who  can  relax  with  all  that  white?!

  5. emille van heyningen

    this is one of the most beautiful kitchens ive ever seen

  6. I love the minimalism you incorporated.Great job!

  7. I love it

  8. nice but gives me Knott's Berry farm feel

  9. WOW they destroyed that beautiful old house with this modern banality white mess

  10. CandiceRenae -CR

    why does it seem like all designers paint the wrong thing…like the century old paneling or stairwell or moldings or trim!!! Just paint the freaking walls to lighten things up and add lighting…done, simple! stop telling homeowners, "oh, it's really dark in here, let's lighten things up by painting ALL of this century old, gorgeous wood." only to turn around and sell the property to someone who really appreciates the beauty of century old homes…then the new owners have to pay major bucks to have the stupid paint stripped and the wood restored back to it's natural glory! #urgghhhh
    it really urks me…just stop it!!!

  11. Christie Preston

    Beautiful job!

  12. That hurt to watch.

  13. veritatis cupitor

    It's beautiful, I also hate painting wood but it did bring the appearance of more light. It just needed some art and plants and it would spectacular!

  14. Siempre las casas mostradas están pintadas todas de blanco. Todas terminan pareciéndose . Carecen de ese toque de personalidad, de identidad. Aburren por tanta semejanza y repetición en el esquema de colores. Por favor, muestren casas con más innovación y creatividad en el diseño interior.

  15. I think all the white paint and tiles ect. balances very well with the dark wood and furniture. It was way too dark in the "before" pictures for me. I love light, cheerful surroundings with design and texture. I think this has it all and is done very well. Looks very classy yet quite comfortable. I would love to live there.
    Great job!

  16. she sounds SO much like rachel dratch

  17. At 5:27 My owners are never home.  : (

  18. After restoring my 1880 house; spending countless hours stripping paint. I couldn't imagine anyone would paint all that wood work white. I agree if you want a New house buy one.

  19. Kinda' like white paint, don't ya?  Painting the entry with the staircase was a mortal sin – covering all that beautiful wood with white paint (covering everything in the house with white paint for that matter) is just horrible.  I like some of the nostalgic things you did here, but over all, this makes me cringe.  I've never understood why some people take a vintage home and ruin it by turning it into a New York ultra-modern thing like this – if you want a new house, go buy one – don't ruin it for any future owners.  Classic styling is called "classic" for a reason, it never goes out of style.  This chrome/white antiseptic-look may be chic to the wine and cheese crowd right now, but reminder, Nagel paintings of ladies with big hair and sunglasses were really popular back in the '80's too – don't see a heckuva' lot of that being used anymore…

  20. The bathroom is the size of a hotel presidential suite!

  21. Bones of the house are fabulous. Painting the foyer's gorgeous wood paneling was sacrilegious UGH! Badly done white floor border in foyer too. 

  22. Love Ingrid Oomen's designs! Just gorgeous…

  23. Weeping. Unreal. My dream. 

  24. I love everything about this house! So Beautiful!

  25. Nice makeover but why does one need so much floor space in a bathroom?   That seems strange to me.

  26. The bathroom is wow…

  27. cool

  28. Love the kitchen & bath. Too much white in the living, dining, & foyer! Takes away any sense of comfort. Also, she says Actually way too much.

  29. What type of tiles did she use in the bathroom…4×4 white tile?

  30. That bathroom though! Wow!

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