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Interior Design — This Small Space Makeover Is Full Of DIY & Budget-Friendly Ideas!

Decorator Emilia Wisniewski of Studio 1NINE1 shares a small home transformation that she completed on a budget. See how she used paint and DIYs to create a fun, colorful space for her client, complete with a stunning two-tone kitchen and craft room!

Emilia replaced the windows in the living room to let more natural light in, and added custom wall panelling for a luxurious look. (Not as much of a splurge as you might think!) A grey tufted sofa, marble coffee table and glass console work beautifully with playful, patterned throw pillows. In the office and craft room, palm print wallpaper offers wow factor, while custom built-ins provide additional storage. Blue lower cabinets and spray-painted hardware revamped the kitchen. In the bedroom, Emilia used custom barn doors to conceal closets and layer character into the space.

See the sources for the items in this video: https://houseandhome.com/video/small-condo-makeover-diy-budget-friendly-ideas/


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  1. Great paneling on wall, nice colored Art picture, great color variation , very pretty, except…. Sofa cushions are too busy and doesn’t match. The focus point of the room should be the colorful art picture on the wall but those cushions throws it off.

  2. Kazi Jannatul Mawa

    this is one of my favorites… so peaceful!

  3. Flowers Flowers

    Adorable place. The window over the desk is rather bland…needs a curtain for color and texture.

  4. 21k? I don’t think you include the labor cost.

  5. I always find it ungrateful when designers emphasize on how small of a budget the person is working with, how about being appreciative that the owner thinks so much of you….

  6. God I love this designer’s work! She’s a magician.

  7. I wouldn’t poo poo $21k.

  8. Loving all your videos!

  9. Lilembarrassing

    "Small". "Tight budget"…

  10. The only thing that is playing is the sound

  11. Could anyone tell me where the gray sofa and working desk are from? The link doesnt source the items.

  12. 21k is not a small budget by any means but considering the house looks like a whole different house I think it was a good long term investment. I do like how it looks more spacious than it really is and that it isnt as white and bland as most modern trends right now.

  13. Love this! More affordable makeovers please.

  14. This designer is so into panels 🙄

  15. Sorry ~ but $21,000 is not what I would call 'budget-friendly' ~ to you it may be, but the people (like myself) that are looking for really budget-friendly ideas do not have that kind of money. If we did, we would hire someone like yourself ~ we would not be looking online for free advice/tips/ideas.

  16. I did mine with ten, naturally their were limits on choices but I did do it. This is a nice apt.

  17. Love this designer! Awesome work! Killed it!!!🤩💖👍

  18. Beautiful

  19. My client is comfortable here, 365 days a year. Nice advertising!

  20. So very pretty,and fresh looking

  21. Beautiful!!

  22. I love the apartment, I love the makeover, the design, the accessories, and your double-denim outfit 😍😍😍

  23. Exquisite! And working with that low budget too. Congratulations! I subscribed bcoz of this. Looking forward to more drab to fab videos! 😁

  24. Oliver Frank Galado


  25. Why are the handles on the kitchen cabinets in the middle?

  26. What's the paint brand/color used for the lower kitchen cabinets?

  27. where's the piano?

  28. It's gorgeous! My fav makeover to date! ❤

  29. Love it

  30. tejaswini singh

    Which plant is that besides the glass console table in the living room?

  31. $21,000……*passes out*

  32. The paneling is beautiful and totally transforms the house.

  33. cheekyoziechick

    When money is tight..it makes you think more wisely and I am blown away by what was achieved. It did go from drab to fab!! What a great challenge that payed off.

  34. "Extremely limited budget" 21k USD 🙂

  35. so move out the piano and keyboard is the key

  36. Did she get rid of her piano ?

  37. Do you have ideas on how to decorate with Sectional Sofas in an apartment?

  38. I am impressed!! I would love it if you did my new home. Thank you!

  39. Come on you couldn't get a cheap base cabinet to fill in the void in the kitchen where you put a skirt. Honestly that's quite tacky especially since you were painting the cabinets anyway.

  40. Wow…wow. love it


  42. Can you say space 100 times?

  43. Wall frames should be sized 1/3 and 2/3 the height of the wall, not 50/50. It looks odd. Unnecessary barn doors (you don't live in the country), tropical prints (you live in Canada), the same rug that everyone has, faux white taxidermy (at least its only a print), predicable paint choices, etc. I don't see much of the resident's personality here, just a lot of trends and cliches from the last few years.

  44. I like how she talks.

  45. The place looks cheerful 👍