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Interior Design – This Modern White Kitchen Has A Surprising Detail

As tailored as a men’s suit, this white kitchen has hits of black and subtle graphic accents for a clean and modern look that’s still incredibly classic. Designer Philippe Beauparlant shares a look at the small kitchen he designed featuring a creamy-white palette that will never go out of style!

The layout of the space is set up like a galley kitchen, with an L-shaped configuration that separates a seating area from the cooking area. A delicately textured backsplash adds depth and interest to the space, while black wire-framed shelves that sit snugly under the cabinets offer a graphic hit and extra storage. The result is an updated look on the classic white kitchen, with unexpected details modernizing the typically traditional style.

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  1. What's the big deal? This looks like a 1950's kitchen!

  2. Love that wall tile!! Where can I find it? I searched but can't find it anywhere

  3. Great design!

  4. Don't open shelves get dusty? Not sure if that's the best solution for keeping plates, glasses and cups.

    P.S. Love that yellow KitchenAid!

  5. I love that black open floating shelves idea! My kitchen would look good with that. Great work!

  6. Love the pop of colours

  7. I like his work as well as his speech.

  8. very nice kitchen.

  9. What's the name of the background music ? Any link

  10. I think the design is simple, but I loved the designer's words: at the end it's not how beautiful a kitchen is but about how far you need to walk to get to this or that.. If the sink can fit to a whole cookie sheet 👌🏻that's wisdom

  11. I love those floating black glass shelves. <3 Where are they from?

  12. Beautiful! Super. Love it all. Backsplash so subtle and outstanding.

  13. I wish I could see more darker kitchens. I love the white kitchens.

  14. I really like the seating area.

  15. The couch to me seems a little misplaced

  16. love this kitchen. the color combination is exactly what i had in mind.

  17. Nice kitchen. I quite like those open wire shelves.

  18. This is white done right!

  19. hi house & home! i love your work. hope you do more condo/small space videos 🙂

  20. Gorgeous space! ❤

  21. Great kitchen. I wonder if white high end appliances would have a cleaner look. Avoiding the "gap tooth" look. But I know stainless steel appliances are still popular.

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