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Interior Design – This Modern Home Is A Lesson In Minimalist Living

Architect Gillian Green took a pared-back approach when designing this home. See how she transformed a dark and dated space into a modern home with a reduced palette that still feels warm and inviting.

Gillian opened up the main floor to create a layout that lets the natural light flood in, brightening the clean-lined interior. Concrete floors provide depth and movement, while white oak wood cabinets further the warmth. The kitchen is storage-heavy with a large island where people can gather. A large piece of limestone with stacked logs acts as art in the living room, while black and steel finishes maintain the sleek aesthetic.

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  1. The juxtaposition of the warm sleek timber finishes, clean white walls/counters with simple cement floors is perfect. Such a dramatic change, I was wondering if the exterior of the house was changed. Anyway, well done.

  2. I really like this style. I really like to know the contractor and designers name. If can any contact reference to them.

  3. Great work mam

  4. sheentheexplorer

    I love this!!!

  5. People either love this or hate it. For me, I love it! Love the natural light, the openness, the concrete element, the huge sliding door/windows and the shower.

  6. Jennifer Hernandez

    I absolutely love that violet sleek hairstyle! WERK.

  7. Himanshu Ghadigaonkar

    It looks like a hotel suite.. it's not bad but it's not habitable for daily life I think..

  8. Living here is like what living in an Apple Store must be like. It is so boring.

  9. 1 American is equal to 20 European. for me to get this house here I'll need to be a CEO. That's one enormous house.

  10. minimalistic design = spending tons of cash on building it and have the minimal cash left for shit

  11. Does anyone know where those pendant lights are from?

  12. There is nothing minimalist about this interior design. Please learn from the Japanese to know real minimalist design ideas.

  13. How much would a gut renovation like this cost??

  14. Western architects are so plain and just can't use colour. I would be driven mad in a house with such lack of colour

  15. Brilliant! except for the concrete floor. I hope the exterior is still intact for maximum visual impact.
    Now Gillian, honey, time for a little make over yourself. Your hair looks like roadkill.

  16. it will be very cold during winter

  17. wow thats incredible!

  18. This is type of thing you don't do. Sure it was not functional, but to remove ALL the original character, of which there was plenty of and replace it with new for the sake of new? NO. This is what new builds are for.

  19. Rhetorical Claim

    You turned the place around.. Very Beautiful. Eye pleasing. Comfortable by looking at it..

  20. that's a huge house.

  21. well done, really gd

  22. I love the restraint and sleekness in not having unnecessary stuff.

  23. sara mohammad anarwala

    the concrete flooring ?

  24. It looks amazing. That being said THIS IS NOT MINIMALIST way of presenting a space. What the hell are those blankets, flowers, ornaments, cushions doing there? You wanted to make it pretty for the general public and made your channel director look like a fool in front of an educated design circle. Strip away those tacky ornaments and let the designer's vision be what is presented. She did a wonderful job.

  25. I love a minimal interior and think this would look great in a new house or apartment. However its a shame an already beautiful home was ruined for it and stripped from all its history, details and personality.

  26. Love the island pendants, someone knows where I can find similar?

  27. Still too much decoration.

  28. Missing the old charm. If this was a new bill then I would give it  thumbs up for the living room.

  29. MInimalist is likely the most home design people looking for..

  30. Lesson in minimalism…. AND a lesson in how to spend as much money as possible

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