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Interior Design — This Minimalist Home Is Surprisingly Family-Friendly

Designer Jeanette Hlinka shares a modern, minimalist, black and white home she designed for a single mother and her ten-year-old son. See how she created a streamlined space that looks picture-perfect, but is also completely livable.

While most of the furniture is white, Jeanette used low-maintenance materials like easy-to-clean vinyl for the dining chairs and a washable slipcover on the sofa. In the living room, a modern black fireplace adds a graphic punch to the all-white space, while a large abstract painting in the dining room steals the show. A dated kitchen was transformed into a streamlined space with shaker-front cabinetry and sleek appliances. The master bedroom exudes the understated luxury of a chic hotel room, while the boy’s bedroom is clean and minimalist with a few playful accessories.

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  1. Uhh i love this kind of spaces??? love evreything white&black so perfect??

  2. So relaxing ?????

  3. remove the dead rabbits rug (poor things) and add living plants and I'm moving in

  4. I love the space, but with my dirt balls It would have handprints and buttprints everywhere. someday…

  5. Thokozile Tapambwa

    beautiful space fresh and crispy. love it

  6. I like!
    Minimalist yet feels… sensuous because of large rounded furniture, and real with bold elements like the painting, Yoda, etc.

  7. It doesn't look like any one lives there 🙁

  8. I can't believe the negative comments, this home is beautiful. It's styled in a way that's not ultra modern but there is definitely warmth with the slip covers etc… I'd hate to see some of the shocking homes of the people who have commented here! I can just imagine the disasters!!

  9. So sad all those rabbits were murdered for that rug ???

  10. love that décor, its perfect.

  11. I love this very sleek but its still comfortable. I would add a pop of a colour or two but hey its just me. black and white with a pop.

  12. Cold, stark, boring, lifeless.

  13. Hmmm clean and airy design, but not visually stimulating, too bland and clinical for me. Where is the personality, feels like stifled expressions.

  14. D Ishappywithlife

    Hate, to each their own

  15. Need more color…..like plants.

  16. is there a video like this with no humans ??

  17. RABBIT FUR CARPET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry this is where I would just wlk away. Plastic chairs in the Kitchen bal blah going well then the RABBIT CARPET………..

  18. Ardashi Gouithana

    now this is something

  19. It's boring

  20. I would paint all the cabinet doors black to bring back some of the balance.

  21. OMG! sincerely, one of the best interior DESIGNER that I have seen on this channel… Elegance, simplicity, functional, clean, timeless, fresh, sophisticated, modern and gives you the option to move things around… a great job! (IT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE A CHRISTMAS TREE WITH A LOT OF UNNECESSARY ITEMS! AND NOT CLUTTER !!

  22. not my style, i would feel so empty if i lived in this space. i need colour, patterns, plants! id hate just having everything be mostly white its like living in some kind of lab.

  23. The round light at the dinning table is by ANNA KARLIN ?

  24. I'm impressed by how ballsy you are for getting a White carpet. I would never dare.

  25. Love how down to earth the designer is.

  26. beautiful!

  27. Source also for dining chairs?

  28. I'd love to know to know the source for that living room lamp? This looks so wonderful, and clean, I wish I could go more this direction and less stuff.

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