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Interior Design — This $50M New York Show House Will Take Your Breath Away!

Lynda Reeves takes you inside the Kips Bay Decorator Show House in New York City — that’s worth a cool $50M — where 21 top American and Canadian designers have transformed each room into a masterpiece to raise funds for the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club. The designers are out to dazzle you, and unleashed their utmost creativity to design truly spectacular spaces for the home. From a sophisticated take on indoor graffiti to an elegant bedroom with magnificent moldings made using an 18th century technique, there are wow-worthy moments in ever corner. Discover what left Lynda most inspired, and find fresh ideas for your own home.

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  1. 😞 " THAT'S IT!…. $50 million sure doesn't get you much, these days. "

  2. She looks like Kate McKinnon

  3. Are these people all on drugs? These rooms are mostly sick-making.

  4. Omg!!!!! Can we see more please!???

  5. The walnut creation in the kitchen was my least favorite part.

  6. elaine morandidasilvasoares

    ual stunning

  7. Grafity on the walls if that doesn't say 50 million nothing will lol

  8. Nice . I would love to see this in person

  9. Americans HAVE NO taste…

  10. Why do people think designing a cold, uninviting room is somehow desirable?

  11. The house (usually a property that is up for sale) is loaned for the exhibit. Top designers each get a room to decorate, and the labor is mostly done for free or at the designer's expense. The furniture and art is on loan as well. There is an admission price which goes to "Kips Bay," and wealthy people come to the house and make huge donations to the organisation, while interior decorators, antique dealers, art dealers, craftsman, etc., get to advertise their wares for future clients. After the exhibit, everything is taken down, and the furniture is returned to their respective shops. Everyone wins. BTW, Each year, they do the show in a different empty house.

  12. That fabric-wrapped moulding is called WHAT? 1:38 It sounded like 'Ganage', but a google image search yielded nothing but a lot of really wonderful-looking cakes.

  13. Prabhanjana Bidikar

    Nice home

  14. I like the Kati Curtis hallway design, the drawer , the mirror and the peacock lamp. It's just beautiful.

  15. Love the lighting however granite art is not in my taste. I’m very practice and sensible. Your contemporary take is Gowdy for me except for the dining and kitchen, roof top you get what I mean white rooms gorgeous.

  16. Some of these are great… others, not so much

  17. Hate, hate the graffiti wall. Overall the apartment is over the top with excess items. Not likable at all.

  18. bad, bad design……..accept on 2::19 the white room ……….

  19. Ugly & unfriendly!

  20. It looks like they sent 20 10-year-olds shopping at Goodwill, then gave them finger paints to finish it. UGLY!!!



    Just horrible. Tasteless.

  23. I really like the artwork in the bathroom……Beautiful colors.

  24. theese people eats LSD more than David Gilmour

  25. Every room is Perfection!

  26. Jryrlscsidguywurhsiksidvfsuvoiolsdrvofrcemindirutebgsitjsimdtoutvrwuitelebrftsgtafdclsdiwutddanakrfevomaidaisdicrwyirdoriginzl

  27. I loved the bathroom!!!

  28. òoohh that beautiful four poster bedroom..I just need that and LED curtains?? wonderful. sooo much inspiration x

  29. Makes me think they are greedy self-serving….

  30. The only rooms that I like is the blue white bedroom & the kitchen, the other rooms are wayyyyy too tacky and make me wanna throw up.

  31. 😍😍

  32. Bei Borsa Euro Immobiliare

    Luce, calore di un bel camino e tanto gusto! Complimenti!!!

  33. Expensive hot mess and really not that great!!!!

  34. It's really diffrent than you normally see

  35. It's really diffrent than you normally see

  36. lo~v~e those.

  37. God knows it is beautiful! But I'd rather have a public option for healthcare.

  38. You missed my favourite space – it was the Salon that was adjacent to the dining area. It was spectacular with the silvery whites and had a very luxe new york feel. It was my first time there with a friend and I plan on going back next year. Thanks for sharing -brought me back to those great memories.

  39. Far too gaudy

  40. whats d purpose of this extravagance? i m baffled.

  41. Ghastly greige mess.

  42. This doesn't take my breath away, it makes me feel nauseous.

    This decadent display of wealth encapsulates everything that's wrong with our world today: greed, poverty and inequality.