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Interior Design — Smart Small-Space Renovation

On http://houseandhome.com/tv, see how Colette Soros of Parliament Interiors transformed a small and tired Vancouver home into an open and airy family space. Learn how the home’s rooms were reconfigured to maximize living space in a busy home with three kids and a dog.

Watch the next two segments from this episode at http://houseandhome.com/tv/episode/smart-small-space-reno-colourful-family-room, along with hundreds of other segments!

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  1. Am I the only one who loved that there was so much white? It looks so much more spacey and minimal

  2. Thought that dog in 4:03 was gonna take a piss on the pillow 🙂

  3. There's something about bright white walls and wooden floors that just rarely disappoints

  4. how much does the reno per room breakdown cost, without furnishings? what are basic specs or dimensions of living, dining and kitchen, and deck. it's planned and done terrific. Good job!

  5. I like your floors. Is it a luxury plank vinyl plank. Can you tell me tge brand and color?

  6. I liked the yellow color

  7. Too much white, love the space otherwise.

  8. I really really like the wall paper in the intro, the charcoal with red and gold flowers. Can you please share the link on where to get it? Thanks!!

  9. Thangavelu Dorairaju


  10. 0 thrift shop

  11. Beautiful!!!

  12. Beautiful Home! 💕

  13. such a beautiful house

  14. favorite Chrisitan music

    Does anyone live here? Fooled me! LOL! Do they cook? I mean this must have been done just before the main reveal of the final touches of the renovation. Let's see it 1 year later. Too much white makes me feel I can't live in it.

  15. There seems to be a lot of comments saying that the place is too white and boring for a family with kids.

    I think she put enough pops of her kids’ favourite colour in their bedrooms. Their place doesn’t have to look like a rainbow clown house just because they have kids. I never liked cluttered colours in my house when I was younger either. Always thought it made a house look more clean and elegant.

  16. What a nice chill dog

  17. SOROS is this somehow connected to the soros pushing for the islamisation of Europe and America

  18. THIS is DEFINITELY NOT a "small space"

  19. Looove the color palette and the simple yet effective design

  20. "She's of course obsessed with pink because she's a little girl." UGH STOP SEX TYPING!

  21. Loved it actually

  22. Tài chính Đơn giản

    They really need to learn what small really means

  23. I’m sorry did she say deck-al in place of dee-cal?

  24. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. This is not a house, it's a showroom. It gives me the urge to mess up the bedsheets or put a newspaper on the floor, just to unbalance everything.