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Interior Design — Small Space Makeover In A Toronto Home

See how designer Meghan Carter transformed a dark, closed-off main floor into a bright, relaxing and functional space for a young couple looking to start a family. Meghan opened up the awkward floor plan and used a custom cabinet to separate the entryway from the living room. She added smart storage solutions and comfortable furniture to ensure a kid-friendly space. Affordable subway tile installed in a herringbone pattern creates a standout, budget-savvy feature wall in the modern kitchen. Watch this video to get Meghan’s expert tips on maximizing functionality when space is at a premium.

See the sources for the items in this video: https://houseandhome.com/video/small-space-makeover-young-couples-first-home/


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  1. I like all the storage. The transformation of the little room into a functional dining area was clever.

  2. It is beautiful but why does she talk like that? Is like she's asking questions instead of talking normal. So annoying

  3. Lovely home! Cute cat!

  4. Make it Yourself Co

    Love how modern and chic such a small space can be! Also, have you seen the giveaway lovely little home co. is putting on? They're giving away over $300 of home decor prizes including a $100 gift card to West Elm! Just thought you might be interested! http://bit.ly/decorateyourhomegiveaway

  5. I like everything except for where the refrigerator is placed.

  6. I love an open space home and you did a great job transforming this one. It looks so cosy and not cramped despite all of the furniture and that many storage! Kudos to you and your team! x

  7. Great open space with distinct areas.

  8. What a transformation!!!! Designer could see the potential very well… Most of the times, we get to see huge spaces Reno, but this one is exceptional, so liked it….Most of uk avg houses are of this size… Any furniture or any art work or backsplash could hve been the wow factor ….but it's all done under a budget I guess…. Totally liked

  9. Lovely, bright and fresh.

  10. Please show us the upstairs. 🙂

  11. Well done!

  12. Can you imagine being in a relationship with this basic ass mouth breathing cunt, just hearing her talk for the length of this video made me want to set her on fire on her sleep.

  13. Canadians

  14. Nice bright comfortable place. You Canadians and your uplifting attitude, I envy you!

  15. Wow one of my favorites from H&H . Doable and chic

  16. Perfect

  17. Nice interior.
    Pls, tell me the brand of white armchairs and bar stools.
    They look very compact and neat.

  18. Too much white. Wish you had used a bit of color. Other than that it's nice.

  19. AWESOME !

  20. Very good job 👍👏

  21. Perfect use of the space and also i love the light the house gets. I would just paint the cabinets of the kitchen maybe gray or beige or something neutral that gives it warmth. But yeah lovely house

  22. This is really nice. Would like to see the rest. Love to see how to use small spaces.

  23. Hmmm. Where did they get the faux flowers? On the hunt for faux peonies. Anyone with recommendations, thanks in advanced.

  24. What a great use of space, functionality, design, decor… excellent. In love with everything.

  25. Aesthetics aside, this layout is against SOOOOOO MANY Fengshui principles. Also a bit bland in my opinion.

  26. Love those two chairs on living area. Though lots of white, it looks really fresh.

  27. Very well done girl. It doesn't yet look lived in so maybe you guys shot this immediately after the reno. Good job tho.

  28. I love the simplicity and most importantly, practically the designer brought into this house. Great job!!

  29. love those chairs

  30. Such a well designed space from functionality to esthetic. Simple , a bit masculine but to the point with clever details. One of the best "tour" in a while. Loving it.

  31. So it's supposed to be kids friendly, let's storage the glassware in those low cabinets. That's a good idea