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Interior Design — Small Open-Concept Home Renovation

On http://houseandhome.com/tv, designer Olivia Botrie of Barbara Purdy Design walks us through the renovation of her parents’ home after they downsized. See how her design blends rustic warmth and a clean, contemporary feel. Modern fireplaces add cosiness, while a herringbone floor and stone wall in the mudroom is contrasted by a sleek white kitchen with concealed appliances.

Watch the next two segments from this episode at http://houseandhome.com/tv/episode/empty-nest-design-solutions-family-friendly-basement-reno, along with hundreds of other segments!

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  2. The bench in the mudroom is blocking one of the cupboards

  3. Will the white cupboards become yellow over time ?

  4. you talk so fast 😀
    but cool 🙂

  5. Wow! I don't know what it is about gray that appeals to me in both exterior and interior design!💕💕

  6. is it fast forwarded?

  7. Wow This is really beautiful Very smooth feel to it Love it
    But I think its a stretch to say that bookcases add more storage area when all you do is fill them with nicknacks lol

  8. Hmmm…another "small" space from House & Home.

  9. too many rugs, the rooms look a lot smaller.

  10. wow! What a creative, artistic, lovely home! Love it! I especially enjoyed the bedroom and as you pointed out, the view toward the back "mudroom". Overall, it's just a really neat place!

  11. omg please get rid of her she is so weird…can't watch!!

  12. beautiful, cozy place. well done Olivia.

  13. Nice renovation. You're such a good daughter. I hope to do this to my parents as well as soon as possible. Hoping & praying for financial blessings to get things started.

  14. Just tired of white on white

  15. You bleedin' Americans have a very funny understanding of the word "small".

  16. I would love to know where the set of prints in the dining came from. They are beautiful.

  17. Olivia: Try decaf, please. But you did a great job on the house…. super nice!

  18. Such a nice place

  19. She speaks so fast I didn't get a word

  20. I love the changes they made to that house. Very beautiful, clean, comfortable, and welcoming.

  21. I'm sooo over designers using grey color palettes with a touch of wood that any Joe Smo can use. You are supposed to be designers step it up a notch or two or three. I could do this design with my eyes closed. No interest or contrast with colors and textures, nothing unexpected. Nice but a bit boring.

  22. I always love olivia's work

  23. Hermoso!!!!

  24. You created so much place for storage and the open concept is great!

  25. One of the things I really dislike about the 'rules of interior design' is the small space = white concept that only a rare few interior stylists dare to break free from. Yes, dark colors optically make a room smaller, but white-everything isn't going to effectively make it bigger. Why not embrace what a small room is and make it cozy and like a little, dark burrow? I personally love that, but I see so many people who go with white-on-white-on-white because they have a small home and it's what they are supposed to do, even though they don't like white or know white isn't practical (with kids and pets).

  26. Wow she is wound up tighter than a 9 day clock.

  27. Good work.

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