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Interior Design — Small Modern Family Home Makeover

In this small space makeover, designer Meghan Carter transforms a dingy main floor into a light-filled, functional space fit for an active family of four. See how she used modern and industrial details to create a look that’s both urban and youthful.

Meghan began by swapping out the front door for one that’s two-thirds glass, and painted the entire main floor white to perk up the space. The small foyer lacked storage, so she added closets, and refinished the floors in marble herringbone tile to add personality. In the living room, she revamped the existing brick fireplace with a sleek, simple design and marble detail. Meghan removed the wall dividing the kitchen and dining room to create one large, open-concept room. A ten-foot island takes center stage in the eat-in kitchen, while a sputnik-style light fixture above the dining table adds graphic punch.

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  1. I LOVE THIS! Please upload more home tours!!

  2. Wow, very nice ! I would have been nice to see the second floor.

  3. White, grey and some black…so "original". Thank goodness for the colors on the cushions and the green apples! Gosh, so same-old same-old boringness.

  4. Wow! The real life Grace Adler from Will & Grace. We needed Karen in the back wearing a mink coat and sipping a martini though…

  5. Another moronic "how about gray" exercise in lack of original thinking. Dreary.

  6. What brand are the dining room lights? Omg I NEED THIS

  7. It looks amazing ,and it meets with what clients wanted, but I can't help but feel sad for all that lovely original design being just thrown out rather than adapted.

  8. I can't stand the way she speaks. She portrays a cocky accent …. wonder why?
    Besides destroying the handrail this place is blah!

  9. It looks great, I just wish they kept the original wood railing, just repainted, it was so unique and interesting.

  10. That CB2 rug! ?

  11. "Sputnik fix-turrrr!!"
    …like oh muh gawhhd!!

  12. this home feels really cuttered, seems like the designer is trying too hard to put in different modern elements into this home to make the modern/ NYC style look… really not a fan of it at all… dislike the couch that's still sitting in the living room, dislike the fireplace guard the fabric selection… poor design

  13. omg . who talks like this?

  14. I love the kitchen?can u please let me know that where did you buy the dinning table? I want it so bad?thanks

  15. Gorgeous

  16. really nice…my only dislike is the brassy fireplace gate….very outdated…

  17. Wonderful

  18. yashmun James-Filipczak

    Wonderfully done❤️

  19. Red Hexagon Design

    yes..love it

  20. Where is the black leather chair with chrome arms from?

  21. This looks way better than "Love It or List It!"

  22. Looks so much more spacey

  23. May I ask the total cost to open up the backyard  wall and the patio door? Thanks. Thinking of doing it to my house, but really worried it could be too expensive.

  24. Karla Dreyer Design

    I love this space — gorgeous!

  25. Brightened it up indeed….very nice! ?

  26. Excellent! Would love to see the bedrooms.

  27. Yiass!!!! Love that marble parquet flooring

  28. I have to say this is a very trendy home and by that I mean I feel like I've seen the same finishes and colors in about 30 different H&H videos. On the other hand I love the before and after shots and solutions to the unique challenges of this home I think the designer did a great job.

  29. Great job!

  30. Gorgeous house! Neat and functional.

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